Wait! That Wasn’t a Part of the Show?

So, I think I wasn’t alarmed until after I got hit and then, it was mostly that I was so startled.  I kind of heard people yelling “B.’s gonna die!” and I certainly saw the fireworks tipping over and shooting straight at me, this dancing flashing popping swirl of light.  But it never occured to me to move or to be afraid.

I can only assume it had something to do with perspective.  From where I was sitting, it just looked like


But from where everyone else was sitting, it looked more like

B * * ****** *************.

I’m not even sure what hit me.  I think just the casing from something.  It wasn’t hot.  Didn’t burn.  Just ‘thud’ right into my arm.

Startled me more than anything.

The whole countryside was lit up with fireworks, everywhere you turned.  Smoke rolling through the trees and the pops of sound here and in the distance.

Does it ever grow less awe-inspiring?  I hope not.

And then, on the way home, there was lightning, like nature’s retort to the evening’s festivities.

13 thoughts on “Wait! That Wasn’t a Part of the Show?

  1. I think somebody down the street from us wasn’t so lucky. Don’t know what happened, but I know they were setting off fireworks and I know later that night I looked out the window and their was an ambulance parked in front of their house.

    I maintain that the evening of Independence Day must be one of the busiest nights of the year for Fire and Rescue. For us, we’re fortunate enough to be able to see the professional show the city stadium puts on from our back yard.

  2. I got sprinkled with dropping shrapnel. But it wasn’t hot and wasn’t big. Just learned to keep my mouth closed while looking up. Glad you’re okay.

  3. For guy who goes go bed clutching a copy of the Constitution, you sure like to “tweak it” when it suits you.

  4. Oh wow – I hope everything’s alright.

    Put up pictures so we can all groan!

  5. Homer burned her butt about five years ago when a bottle rocket went up her shorts. It was horrible.
    She lived but is one wary woman now.

    Of course we tease her now about it. That’s our way.

  6. No, but that’s the thing. I wasn’t hurt at all. I had no idea I was even in any danger except that people ran over to me afterwards to check on me, causing me to be all “What? No, it just startled me.”

    From my perspective, it just looked really bright. From their perspective, apparently, it looked like I was about to be engulfed in fireworks.

    The old neighbor had a bottlerocket go off in his front pocket once (I’m not sure how) and he showed me his scar and I was all like “Dude, you came very close to ending your sex life, huh?”

  7. We had a rocket go astray when I was a kid. It shot about 100 yards, right at a little old lady, who was watching us from her back porch. She actually ducked to the side as it struck the house and exploded, right where her head was.

    God, she was spry for her age.

    We never got caught.

  8. I don’t need to tweak the constitution to outlaw fireworks.

    But a cop did tell me once how to make a bomb out of sparklers.

  9. I don’t need to tweak the constitution to outlaw fireworks.

    I don’t agree with Eliyahu on outlawing fireworks, but I agree that I don’t think there is any “right to fireworks” in the Constitution.

  10. My wife spent a 4th of July night in the emergency room once. I don’t recall the whole story, but she wasn’t the one injured. She does, however, have a huge hatred of fireworks now and has sworn to never let our kids near them.

    I however, have seen many a front yard fireworks extravaganza at my parent’s house back in the day.

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