My Home Buying Experience is Complete

Not finished, by far, but complete, for I have seen a house with a secret room!  Yes, a secret room.  Who among us does not want a secret room?! 

What can I see in my price range that could top that?

Anyway, it was cute, but too much money for the amount of work it was going to need.  Still, I’ve got to tell you that a secret room is now on my list of renovations to make at any house I do eventually buy.

7 thoughts on “My Home Buying Experience is Complete

  1. you mean you’d already seen a bomb shelter and an escape tunnel?

    (i watch tornado aftermaths on the tv. i no longer think people with bomb shelters next to their houses are necessarily crazy. escape tunnels, though…)

  2. LOL, my mom’s house has a secret room. Her builder thought she was joking when she asked for one, but when she assured him she was serious, she got what she asked for. I think her secret room is so neat.

  3. My grandmother’s house had a small passage between two of the bedroom closets, which I thought was the coolest thing when I was little.

  4. My brother’s house has a secret staircase behind a bookcase in his family room that goes up to the attic. The kids love it!

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