How Do You Even Do That?

Okay, gun nuts, explain to me why you even are holding a gun while this is going on often enough to warrant a law against it?  Is this something I should start requesting from my partners?  Is it something that goes with pony play?  Some other kind of role playing?  Do you have to do it outside or can you just aim out a window?  Do I have a gun, too, or just you?  How does this work?

8 thoughts on “How Do You Even Do That?

  1. The gender specificity of the law is intriguing, although not quite enough to make me want to intentionally break the law. Of course, there were no citations on either page to prove to me that these are real laws still on the books and not urban legends of some sort.

  2. It’s an unincorporated community — meaning that it has no law-making body. It’s an entertaining story, but it’s not true.

  3. quote stolen from yourmonkeycalled dot com:

    I always get “busting a nut” mixed up with “popping a cap.” Aaanyway, my wife is dead.

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