Don’t Mess With America’s Pets

I was just thinking how funny it is that Michael Vick’s dogs have, for the most part, found a way to live in the world in relative happiness and peace and Vick is now filing for bankruptcy.  Let this be a lesson.  You fuck with dogs; life will fuck with you.

It got me wondering if there isn’t an unintended positive outcome from this, though.  I wonder if, in 10 years, we’ll be able to look back at the whole Michael Vick thing as a turning point for pit bulls–the moment when the broader public really got that the problem is jackass owners and unhealthy living conditions and not the dogs themselves.

It also got me wondering about the “news” that pet owners like McCain better than Obama.  I’ve been waiting for a sign of some kind of brilliant, nefarious something or other that would allow the conservatives who hate McCain to feel okay about voting for him and “His wife is an angry bitch!” and “Terrorists know how to type Obama’s name!” don’t yet seem to be cutting it.

But “By god, we need a president who’s going to stand up against the dog-haters!” just might do it.