Well, We’re Restructuring the Schools

It’ll be interesting to see if and when the lawsuits start flying or if creating one school full of the poorest, non-white students will go unchallenged because no one who suffers under this has enough money to hire a lawyer.  The important thing to keep an eye on in this story is the following:

The Tennessee Department of Education outlined how it will reorganize the district’s leadership for the coming school year as part of the No Child Left Behind Act.

If a district such as Metro doesn’t make the grade, the state can come in and make changes, which it is doing.

Basically, this means that no matter what the school board promised, in terms of money and extra resources going to Pearl Cohn–which is poised to become the school where our poor, black kids go–they can’t guarantee that’s what will happen because the state has taken over the district.

Edited to Add: Carter writes it like he was there.  You’ll note that restructuring a large metropolitan school district in such a way as to raise concerns about resegregating it merited no discussion on a national level.  I checked on CNN and apparently “Teen sends Cops LSD laced treats” and celebrity babies are more important.  Just so we’re all clear.

2 thoughts on “Well, We’re Restructuring the Schools

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  2. Carter was probably watching it on comcast 3 like everyone else.

    Look for this thing to be challenged in courts once the lawyers find someone with standing.

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