22 thoughts on “In Which I Take Toby Keith off My Shit List

  1. I never really got into the political leanings of musicians anyway.

    Of course, you’re talking to the guy with a System of a Down CD laying next to him at the moment.

  2. Yeah, I have mixed feelings on him too. Musically AND politically. I’m taking into account though, that the bars been lowered so far in both categories, the shitlist would be astonishingly long indeed if we didn’t remove some people for their occasional reasonableness. (is that a word?)

    His morphing the picture of Natalie Maines into Sadam Hussein though still sticks in my proverbial craw.

  3. What a voice he has — country through and through. And his phrasing, his attack on a song, the way he puts the emotion where it belongs and not on a rising crescendo all the time — he’s a real singer, as well as having that instrument. It’s just a shame that he can’t write or choose a song to sing without revealing what a giant jerk he is. And he was perfectly happy to be “misunderstood” about going to war in Iraq — in fact he encouraged the “misunderstanding” as hard as he could — in order to sell more records. Misogyny, jingoism, the checklist of what’s objectionable about his singles could get pretty long.

  4. Yah, you’re right. More people need to tell the truth about pea-brained, narcissistic, gold-digging women who are arrogant enough to expect men to pay attention to them after the fucking is over.* That is mostly what women are like, and it’s a national menace, I say. Not to mention fat women — the horror! the horror! What a good thing we have Toby Keith to tell us the truth about it all.

    *B, this may be another aspect of some country and some rap lyrics intersecting.

  5. Oh, Christian, I want to take you off my shit list, because I have a huge secret crush on your paramour and I refuse to believe that the object of my affections could be so misguided in choosing a lover, but you keep trolling my blog!

    NM, ooo, good catch with the attitudes towards women.

    I do really like his voice and I think it can be downright beautiful, but god, the attitude he has in so many of his songs makes me think he’s the kind of guy that, if invited to a BBQ, would make you decline your invitation.

  6. Tangent to the topic of extremely talented men I don’t want to spend all that much time with: Sugarland will have a song about Steve Earle on their next album. It’s all about how he writes a woman a wonderful song, marries her, divorces her, and writes an even better breakup song, and would he please just write the Sugarland woman a song and not marry her please? There’s a short clip at http://umgnashville.com/artist/detail.aspx?nid=3418&aid=181

  7. Lee, it’s not my panties he affects, really. Which is kind of sad, because, with that voice, he could if he’d try.

  8. I know! Whenever someone’s like “Oh, he’s going to get the feminists’ panties in a wad” I get my hopes all up and then… nope. Nothing.

    Sugarland. I can’t decide if I like them or not. But I’m digging their Steve Earle song. That sounds like a familiar strand of country I love.

  9. I think they’re OK. Genuinely country sound and all. But they were willing to force out that odd-looking woman who used to write a lot of the songs and become a duo in order to be more video-friendly. And that sort of puts me off liking them as much as I might.

  10. Just giving you all a good natured ribbing. I mean, it’s not like there isn’t a wide catalogue of Paula Cole/Tracy Chapman etc type of female songwriters who love to chronicle just how disappointing men are.

    “I will do the dishes, while you go have your beer?”

    Fish, bicycles, and all that.

  11. NM, exactly.

    Oh, come on, Lee. I can’t even humor you if you’re going to use examples from when I was in college. Four years of post Alanis wickedness hardly makes us even.

  12. Eh, Lee, where did I say that misandry is any more appealing than misogyny? All I said is that Toby Keith has a long way to go to get off my own shit list, no matter how B determines to rearrange her own.

  13. I’m sorry nm, my intention isn’t coming across in print, and I can see how that could easily come across. I’m truly in a good mood and just jousting, so to speak.

    Consider it a light tugging of the pigtails.

  14. Pigtails? Pigtails!?!?!???? Why, you …!

    Lee, your intention was clear, at least about the panties. I’m sorry if my response didn’t strike the same tone.

    Oh, sorry, forgot to add “you sexist bastard, you.”

  15. well, I’ll go now since the misogynist quota seems to have been filled before I arrived. Besides, I wouldn’t know any of these famous people if I gave them a ride.

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