One thought on “Wait, Bill Hobbs! Come Back!

  1. Never fear, Good Queen B. That’s the good thing about the Internets: Hobbs can still show his behind, no matter whose flag he’s waving.

    And I, too, am embarrassed by Americans who can’t speak other languages. Like me, for example. Who was so embarrassed by my inability to speak properly to a woman I was doing business with in Dallas a while ago that I’m still kicking myself about it and have taken steps to take conversational Spanish.

    Because, you know, aside from the good business usages, it’s just damn rude not to *try* to speak to someone in the manner to which they’re most accustomed, whether that language is Spanish, French or even Xtreme Sothron. (Two guesses as to in which I am the most fluent. Bwah.)

    Other nations show us that courtesy when we’re their guests; I think we should at least return the favor.

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