Los Rosales

Oh my god.  Nashville blogosphere, you said that place was great and you didn’t lie.  I had this thing I saw on… oops, I just looked.  I did not have the thing I saw on Laura Creekmore’s blog.  I had that but not with spinach; I had beef instead; but I intended to order the thing I saw on her blog.  If everything I ever put in my mouth for the first time were that good, Steve from down the block would have had a much better junior year of high school, let me tell you.  And then we had some flaming mango extravagance for dessert.

AND I learned that I can take Big and Rich off my shit list because the rumor is that Big ≠ Rich and, in fact, that Big dislikes Rich so much he takes a separate tour bus to avoid him.  If this is at all true, Big and Rich as a group is off my shit list, Big is permanently off my shit list and Rich goes back on my shit list as a solo act.

All in all, a successful lunch.

8 thoughts on “Los Rosales

  1. I’m not sure B&R hate each other, but they are way different in their interests and politics, to be sure.

    I would swap Los Rosales in for the Rosepepper Cantina any day. East Nashville would be so greatly improved by the change.

  2. Right. I forgot that with Mack out of town, I’m next on the Local Stalk List.

    Try the noodle joint. I can’t go a week without eating there.

  3. Thanks B and Lesley for the locale… I had a brain-fart while goofing off from my design duties… and clicked “post” too soon…

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