Tiny Pasture Dips His Toe in the Feminist Theorizing

So, I’m reading along at Post Politics… school board… blah, blah, blah… resegregation… blah, blah, blah… when what should I see at the end of this post?

A fan of red lipstick and pearls? What the heck was that little aside about? Isn’t red lipstick like the default color for lipstick? Don’t a majority of women wear lipstick, especially for formal occassions (like, say, a school board meeting)?

Johnson was not available for comment in the story so how does the reporter know Johnson is a “fan” of pearls? How many times has she seen her wear them other than at a board meeting? I mean excuse her for dressing up.

Granted, it’s just some baby-sized feminist critique, but there it is–Carter dogging on Janell Ross for dogging on Johnson’s physical appearance, like that matters, in her story about the vote for school resegregation.

4 thoughts on “Tiny Pasture Dips His Toe in the Feminist Theorizing

  1. I say it counts. It’s nice to see anyone calling folks out for unnecessary (and necessarily gendered) critique of appearance. It just so happens that sexism and lookism have a lot of same goals!

  2. It would count if he meant it. I’d say, though, that he’s more doing an “I disagree with the tenor of this article so I’m looking for a stick to beat the writer with” kind of thing. And he remembered that some bloggers would pick up the lookism stick, so he’ll do it, too.

  3. I did, too. And how well that served me on those nights when you were wearing nothing but your sneakers and that wine deep shade. Sure, it cost me three dollars, but it was worth every penny.

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