Another Cute Nephew Story

So, my folks and my nephew are staying out to Mack’s while they’re here.  I think the animals appreciate it, though I don’t think the horses are ever speaking to me again.  I took the nephew up to see the horses right at their usual dinner time and the huffing and stamping they did, like “Oh, come on you bald apes.  Use those dangly things for something useful, like giving us food!”  Every animal in the place had to come over and check us out and I, for the nephew, had to name them over and over again: Horses–Lena, Lady, Arres (I guess.  He’s very unhelpful when it comes to giving you the correct spelling of his name), Buddy; Goats–Billie and Callie; Dogs–Rocky and Miha, Mija, Meehaw (again, I have no idea how to spell her name); and Cats–Gary and… and… there he is, curled up around my ankle, licking my foot and I have no idea what his name is.

And the nephew’s accusing me of lying.  How can I know the names of everything on the farm except one cat?

Anyway, Lena, being the sweetie that she is, was very curious about the kid and gave him a good sniff and let him scratch her nose.

Well, that was it.  Love at first scratch.

We went to Applebee’s and every person he could corner was told by my nephew about how Mack has four horses and there’s the queen horse and she’s the best and, if you want to scratch her nose, you have to hold your hand out flat and let her get a good sniff of you and then, gently, pet her.

Everyone got to hear about it.

And then–in what I thought was the cutest moment–he complained that the goats did not butt him in the butt with their hard ears.

“Hard ears?”  I asked.

“You know, they’ve got those soft ears here [he gestures] and their hard ears here [more on the top of his head].”


“No, Aunt B., god.  Don’t you know anything?”

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