An Afternoon of Movies

The boys were all lounging around my living room watching movies all afternoon–Eastern Promises, The Bank Job, and Rambo.  I feel as if I should be able to write you up something insightful and deep about seeing those movies all in a row like that–maybe tell you something about what it revealed to me about the state of men in America.

But instead, I will just say that all night, I kept having this dream where I walked into my bedroom and there, dressed in an exquisitely tailored suit, sitting in a beautiful brown leather chair was either Viggo Mortensen or Jason Statham, elbows on chair arms, fingers bouncing together in mock impatience.

I had no dreams of Sylvester Stallone.

4 thoughts on “An Afternoon of Movies

  1. You had NO dreams of Sly Stallone?! Believe me, honey! I have had PLENTY! That man is amazing! I could drown in those big brown pools he’s got for eyes!

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