More House-Hunting Thoughts

I am at the point where I’m certain Kathy’s tired of me, tired of driving around Nashville, and tired of the prospect of walking into houses that are so depressing you about want to cry.

There are roughly three kinds of houses in my price range–Right, but maybe not my thing; in needs of fixes I can’t do but still okay; and “people live like this?”  The ratio appears to be about 10, 20, 70.

We’ve walked into houses that smelled so bad we thought we would throw up before we got out of them.  We’ve been in houses with so much mold they made Kathy sick.  We’ve been in houses with kitchens in such bad shape they shake your faith in how the world works.

I think the most insidious part about this whole thing is that, after a while, you start to think “Hmm, well, maybe this is all I deserve.”  Not ‘all I can afford’ but ‘Okay, I’m just going to take the next non-shitty thing that comes along, even if I’m not in love with it, because wow, there’s some scary-ass sucky stuff out there.”

So, I don’t know.  It’s tough.

5 thoughts on “More House-Hunting Thoughts

  1. B. First, it has been a long road finding you a house. I acknowledge that. It’s kind of like we’re taking the country backroads to get to the beach rather than the Interstate. And these little backroads are always full of amazing surprises…. afterall we’ve seen where Patsy Cline used to live, we’ve seen a wrassling ring in a front yard, we’ve met neighbors, we’ve made friends with pets, we’ve seen half used doobs left out, we’ve felt sadness in homes, happiness.

    We will reach the beach, I promise. And when we do, we’ll proudly wear our bikinis!! And drink ice cold coronas. And laugh at the crazy things we’ve seen on the trip.

    And then people will say, what the hell? Why is she talking about beaches? And I’ll say it’s because the mold has seeped into my brain and caused something to misfire.

    I kid, I kid! In any case, buying a house is something that shouldn’t be hurried. It’s a big financial decision and one you need to be careful about. There’s nothing wrong with being picky. I’m patient if you are! Afterall, not every client has given me a boa and a garland crown!

    Happy positive thoughts!

  2. Hang in, B. ! Sounds like you’ve had a demoralizing time of it fer sure, but good god – why wouldn’t you be choosy? It’s a huge deal to purchase a house, especially your first one, and you deserve a home that tickles your fancy. Seriously. I’m a-rootin’ for ya! Go B! Go B!

    And Kathy T. – you are awesome! Your beach talk makes perfect sense to me. I’ll go to the beach with you, anytime. Although (This is my Dad’s favorite joke about swimming suits, are you ready? Are you ready for me to bring the funny? Are you sitting down?) my bathing suit has a hole in the elbow. HAR!!!

  3. Any pictures of the wrasslin ring? I’m thinking of putting one in at my new home. Except I will be wiser and use the back yard.

  4. B. you have a wonderful realtor and she will find you the right house as she did for me and she is more excited about my new home than I…I found my little home and I am going to proud of it once I am in and settled. good luck in your shopping for the home and hope you find the right !!

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