Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Sometimes, Bill Hobbs just sends them right over the plate.  But, awe, shucks, let’s take a swing anyway.  Good practice.

Remember back before Bush, when gas was $1.50 a gallon in 2000?  If I’d had $600 then, I could have bought almost 400 gallons of gas instead of the measly 150 gallons the Republicans and their failed energy policies have brought.


How far does 150 gallons of gas take a beer mogul’s husband in her private jet and is it easier for her to buy that gas today with the proceeds from the Republicans’ ruining the economy and thus making our largest brewery easy pickens for foreign buyers?


Now’s the time to spend your $600 on birth control, while you can still get your hands on it, since the Republicans are rewriting public policy to classify “abortion” as whatever a person decides it is, within “reason,” which means those lovely public health services Hobbs wants you to come to rely on can legally deny you the Pill, because they don’t perform “abortions.”


Did Bill Hobbs forget that he hates poor people who need childcare?

Whew.  That’s good fun.  You should try it.

4 thoughts on “Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel

  1. I hate to point to the obvious, but Mrs. McCain is worth over 100 million and wears earrings worth a lot more than 600 dollars.

    Racism is alive and well. It’s Okay for Mrs. McCain to be an heiress who lets her husband use her private plane, but how dare an uppity Negro buy expensive earrings! Doesn’t she know her place?!

  2. Yeah, but let’s be honest. In Tennessee, there aren’t that many Repubs that stoked about McCain. They’re not running someone for president as much as they’re trying to keep Obama from being president.

    Their own seeming hypocrisy doesn’t trouble them, because they’re not really supporting John McCain.

  3. > I forgot! “How much access to Dick Cheney can a $600 donation to the Bush library buy, do you suppose?”

    Both barrels.

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