Third Time’s… Well, It’s the Third Time

So, I put an offer in on the Charlotte Park house.  A great deal less than the seller wants.  But we went out this afternoon with a tape measure and a question, and that question was “How can a 1100 square foot house only show 940 square feet on the tax record?”

My friends, the answer to that question is “Because it’s a 950 square foot house.”

This, we felt, gave us a great deal of negotiating room, even ignoring the state of the housing market.

But we’ll have to see.

We’ve agreed that, if this doesn’t work out, we’re taking a month long moritorium on the house hunting, because I need a little recovery time.

3 thoughts on “Third Time’s… Well, It’s the Third Time

  1. Aunt B. good luck in your offer. I got a great deal with a great rate and it’s all thanks to Kathy T. she has been wonderful in this venture with me and I am proud that she was top realtor in June. way to go Kathy! If you get this house there will be no rest…trust me. I have been too excited and busy doing things like home inspection, calling for insurance, and looking for furniture. So I am getting now about 4 hours of sleep a day and I havent even started to pack anything yet. Oh god help me!! I need a drink.

  2. What about the auction on Thursday? Did you take a look at that house in the perfect location? I drove by there again today and drooled. If I could afford it, I’d go to the auction. I hope you’ll consider going on Thursday.

    That said, I have several friends in Charlotte Park area who have really fixed up their homes and find it to be a very convenient location.

    Whatever you do, I hope you find *your* home and are very happy in it. :)

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