Milk for Kitty

Cats are weird.  I know everyone says that, but it’s true.  Cats are weird.  My cats can go for weeks without showing so much as even a little affection towards me and then one night there’s major drama and ridiculousness over who gets to sit on my lap.

Lately, they seem to have decided that the most important thing in the world is getting to slurp the last little bit of milk out of my cereal bowl.  This would be fine, except that they aren’t that excited about waiting for me to actually finish my cereal, so they’re more than happy to get up on the table, or try to butt the bowl out of my hands with their heads, or (in my person favorite) check other bowls to see if there’s stuff to lick in them.

And none of this would bother me at all, except that now they’ve got the dog involved.  And I don’t need them giving the dog ideas about trying to knock food out of my hands.

4 thoughts on “Milk for Kitty

  1. Be warned that the vast majority of adult cats are lactose-intolerant. Probably not a big deal if they’re only getting a little bit, but if they start vomitting or get diarrhea, drop the milk and it should solve the problem.

  2. Ha, they should have thought about their chances of even getting the milk before they involved the dog in this; that’s all I’m saying.

  3. I used to have a cat who liked to roll around in emptied-out ice cream cartons. She showed no particular interest in eating a spoonful of ice cream, but let her roll in the dregs and then lick herself clean and she was there.

  4. My cats used to belong to a person who let them finish her cereal milk. It took them months to realize that no matter how impatiently they waited nor how wily their wiles, all they’d ever find in my bowl was soy.
    They eventually grew past this, but maybe a watergun would be more effective in your case. ; )

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