Too Bad for You Guys

I’ve decided that my dog is pretty much the perfect dog.  Well, almost.  There was the one time when the Professor and I were going somewhere and I had to stop by and pick the Professor up and she entered the car (Mrs. W was in the back seat) with a peach.  She began making some point, which involved flailing the peach around for emphasis, and the dog, who is occasionally given peaches as a treat (because first they’re a ball and then they break open and are dessert!), leaned forward and began to each the Professor’s breakfast.

Which, yes, bad dog, but holy shit was it funny.  I’m laughing about it even trying to type it here.

Which reminds me, I keep meaning to tell you that the Professor has this idea that we should gather together a bunch of plastic shopping bags and I will crochet them into other shopping bags.  She calls it a “meta-shopping bag.”  Which is also pretty funny, if you think about it.

I wonder if I could crochet myself a house made out of shopping bags…

10 thoughts on “Too Bad for You Guys

  1. Yep, we got patterns. Now all we need is plastic bags. I’ve collected some but need more. More. More. And some variety would be nice. White ones or blue ones or yellow ones. I’ve only got various shades of brown.

    The peach stealing was hilarious. And she wasn’t behaving that bad as I was gesturing widely.

  2. That’s a wonderful idea! I saw that Target once had some bags for sale that were made from their normal plastic red & white bags. They weren’t crocheted though. Crocheted would rawk!

    I have a bunch of bags I’ve been meaning to take to recycling but you can have them. And I think there are several that are not just the grocery store brown, too.

    How should I get them to you?

  3. Oooh. Malia! How awesome! We will come and get them. Let me get with the Professor and find out some good times for her and I’ll get with you to find some good times for you, but most definitely, we would love, love, love to have them.

  4. Thanks, Malia.
    I predict a Sunday (or Saturday) afternoon drive spotted with stops to pick up bags. How exciting.

    Throughout the 80s and 90s, before many cities and towns organized their own recycling, my grandfather took to compelling people to save cans and newspapers, on the promise that he would pick up once a month and take care of the recycling himself. He claimed the money was funding his winters in FL. And some people believed him! But I always knew it was just an excuse – with a minor environmental benefit – to drive around monthly making short visits with friends and family.

    I guess it’s a family tradition.

  5. My other friend Betsy crochets bags out of plastic bags! How weird is that? The end result is most awesome. She sells them at our local farmer’s market and people love them. You can basically guarantee that they will last 1,000 years!

  6. I can’t tell you how stoked I am about this. Such a great idea! I’m so glad my hoarding/laziness can help y’all out!

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