Well, That’s That

So, he’s “working with the other buyer.”


I mean, it’s fine.

But god damn.

So, anyway, any condolences, advice, laughing in my face, whatever, has to be done today because after that, I’m not even thinking about real estate until August 16.

10 thoughts on “Well, That’s That

  1. You’ve been heavily entrenched in the housing thing for a while – I think a break is a good (and healthy) thing right now. Sorry you didn’t get the house.

  2. I’m sorry about the house, but the break will surely do you good, and give you fresh eyes once you start to look again.

  3. AuntB, no offense, but maybe they don’t know who you be. Have you worn t-shirts to these showings that scream “I’m Tiny Cat Pants, Batches!” or brought the pooch with a dog cone with a sticker that proclaims “Mrs. Wigglebottom is in da house.”

    Here is some appropriate inspiration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DT5JJxiArFI

    I know if I was selling a house, I would sell it to someone who I can read online from time to time. Imagine if you could read all the drama of someone who lives in the house where you grew up.

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