Eyebrows Raised

Hobbs just cannot, for the life of him, figure out why no media would bother to turn out for one of John McCain’s top economic advisers’ press conference.


I have it from a reliable source that the press release announcing the conference caused folks some trouble–the directions said to go to the border of Iraq and Afghanistan and then hang a left until you got to Czechoslovakia–and folks got lost en route.


3 thoughts on “Eyebrows Raised

  1. Southernvoice, first, you’d actually have to present a challenge to my comments in order to meet the definition of “challenging” my comments. Second… eh, never mind. Clearly, you have some issues. You act here like you might want a serious discussion, but really you just want fodder for your beliefs that I’m an enemy of white American males.

    But, for what it’s worth, I’ll say this. The media didn’t show up to that press conference here in Tennessee because the media assumes McCain’s grip on Tennessee is unshakable. He could run a wad of chewed gum as his running mate and he’s not going to lose this state. So, why bother treating it as if its an actual race if you have other things your reporters need to be covering?

  2. The papers here are covering McCain; they’re just not (so much) covering Carly Fiorina. I’d be surprised if they sent reporters to an Austan Goolsbee news conference here, either. Now, I think that’s evidence of lousy reporting on the part of the local papers, but it’s completely evenhanded. And when Hobbs gets all pissy about the indignity of it, well … he puts himself in his own proper place very well, I think, without anyone else’s help.

  3. Southernvoice, please, don’t play ignorant. You made two comments–on in this thread that seemed reasonable and the other which sounded like an editorial from the He-man Woman-Hater’s Club monthly newsletter.

    I’m not trying to put Hobbs in his place. As NM says, he does a fine job of that by himself. But if you expect me to weep for him that he can’t get folks to come to the press conferences he throws, well, gee, I can’t help but wonder why no one comes to Bill Hobbs’s press conferences.

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