I Blame You

When I had my most terrible bout of poison ivy, I got a secondary rash, a series of tiny, hard, pearl-like blisters all over my fingers, in the cracks and crevasses of my knuckles and in the soft skin between them.

It was excruciating.  They burned all the time they were forming and then itched like nothing I can even compare it to.  They itched so much, but it itched worse if you touched them.

I bring this all up because I have one again, on the knuckle of my pointer finger on my right hand.  It’s been coming in for a few days, but since there was just one, I thought it was a bite or a sting.  Then, I thought it might be some weird finger pimple, but this morning, there it was, fully formed, tiny, shiny, itchy and untouchable.

One of you told me a story about how when you were a little kid you had an itchy butt and when you went to scratch it, you found a worm.  You told me that story a long, long time ago and I had forgotten all about it.  Last night, though, I dreamed of tiny white worms emerging from hard, shiny blisters on my fingers.

It was so gross.

So, thanks.

Edited to Add: I should mention that I know this is your fault because in the dream, I had to collect the little white worms to show your mom.  Yuck.

2 thoughts on “I Blame You

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    A terrible first post to a blog I enjoy reading, but I thought it useful enough to put out there.

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