Racial Profiling in Order to Get Folks 287(g)ed

Oh, John Lamb, I’m so glad that you brought this up.

John Lamb has a post today about Juana Villegas, which is well worth the read.  It does seem that the national attention on this case has focused on whether it was okay to shackle Villegas while she was giving birth.  But that’s just focusing on the unique aspect of her predicament.  Lamb brings up the broader concern:

If Berry Hill officers are arresting people instead of giving them citations in the hope that their immigration status will be checked by the Davidson County Sheriff once in custody, that could be driven by racial profiling, which is illegal by statute in Tennessee as of this year.

(This is exactly why I, unlike Tim Chavez, for instance, am unwilling to believe that the Nashville police are an example of “good” police while Berry Hill police are “bad cops.”  Until I see evidence that they’re not also arresting people in order to get their immigration status checked, I reserve judgment.)

John Lamb quotes Rick Casares* as saying

Once we single out a portion of our population and determine that they are unworthy of basic human rights, it becomes easier and easier to justify.

I would again like to point out this is how the system is designed to work.  It is no coincidence that we made it illegal for undocumented immigrants to received drivers’ licenses and started participating in 287(g) at roughly the same time.  One provides a mechanism and an excuse to run the other.

Most folks who entered the country illegally are otherwise not criminals.  It takes something, like refusing to issue them drivers’ licenses, so that when they come in contact with the police for all the reasons any of us come in contact with the police (speeding, broken tail light, being confused by the one-ways around Baptist, whatever), the police have an excuse to arrest them and put them through the program.

That is what’s supposed to happen.  I repeat. It’s not a flaw or a glitch. 

And for ICE to act surprised that this would be catching so many regular people?

Temple Black, spokesman for ICE [formerly known as INS] in the Southeast, seems puzzled that Metro law enforcement would expend resources on busting undocumented workers who aren’t dangerous criminals. “What we are focused on is aggravated felons…. We don’t go down to the Shell Station and pick up [undocumented workers].”

Please.  That strains credulity.


*I don’t know who this Rick Casares is, but he sounds like a very handsome man.  I can only hope to aspire to a day when I can search out this man and have my own wise quotes from him to post on Tiny Cat Pants.

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  2. Let’s see. Mrs. Villegas is 9 months pregnant (why was she driving at that advanced stage?) and stopped for driving recklessly. She doesn’t have a driver’s license. She’s Hispanic so the officer is supposed to cut her a break?!

    Furthermore, the background check showed that she was wanted for a felony–ignoring a deportation order. Or does pregnancy excuse everything?

  3. Ali, I was looking for some certainty in the reporting about whether the Berry Hill officer had the immigration/deportation information before deciding to arrest Villegas instead of issue her a citation, and it appeared from my review of the stories that he did not. Please correct me if I missed something to the contrary.

    I found out after publishing the story that, according to the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, “the probable cause statement for arrest simply states, ‘Defendant could not produce a license. Defendant said she could not get a license.'”


  4. Ali, I can see you’re on a .gov server. Are you commenting in a professional capacity in order to serve the agenda of your employer or are you really illiterate?

    Because, if you have basic reading comprehension skills you’d already know that a.) Villegas was on her way home from a prenatal appointment. Pregnant women need healthcare. She was receiving it. b.) She was not, to my understanding, ticketed for driving recklessly. That was the reason the officer pulled her over, but not the reason he arrested her. c.) People in Tennessee who drive without a license are almost always ticketed, not arrested. It would not have been “cutting her a break” to not arrest her. It would have been treating her the same as every other person in town. d.) the background check did not show that she was wanted for a felony. It showed that she had been deported once before and was not, therefore, eligible to reenter the country. That’s not a felony. Is it a crime? Yes, but a felony? No. But even if she had been ignoring a deportation order, that’s also not a felony. It’s punishable with a fine.

    So, yeah, you’re welcome to argue with me, but you’re going to have to try a little harder to not be a dumbass first.

  5. Oh, and you’re going to have to disclose any potential conflicts of interest, because I think it’s bullshit for you to come on here during working hours from a government computer from a department that has ties to ICE through its work on Intellectual Property matters trying to argue against criticisms of ICE’s programs without being upfront with folks that that’s what you’re up to.

  6. Let’s be clear, too, that the Nashville police do routinely use (subjectively determined) petty driving offenses to stop people they think look ‘wrong’ or ‘suspicious,’ so that they’ll have an excuse to run records checks on them. East Precinct police show up all the time at my neighborhood association meetings and tell us about how effective they are at using this technique.

  7. As does every other police department in the nation.

    I’m a little rusty on my immigration law, but it makes sense to me that, if she came back with a previous deportation, that would indicate a flight risk (duh), and therefore be grounds for holding. Remember that a ticket is issued (as opposed to being brought in) to anyone under the standing that you will show up for your court date.

  8. Basically, it keeps coming back to the same thing: You think she should have been let go (given special treatment) because she is pregnant.

  9. Exador, she had to be forced to leave before therefore she’s a flight risk now? I’m not buying it.

    I haven’t seen in any timeline of events that they ran her through immigration before deciding to arrest her, especially with the other cop telling the family he wouldn’t have arrested her as the arrest was happening.

    Again, it’s not special treatment to be issued a ticket and a court summons when you are caught driving without a license.

  10. Mrs. Villegas is 9 months pregnant (why was she driving at that advanced stage?)

    Hmmm. You’re 9 months pregnant. It’s hotter than hell here in Tennessee. You have a car available, or you can take the bus. Gee, I wonder what any woman would choose in that situation.

    I get so sick of people bitching about pregnant women driving. How in the hell else are they supposed to get around if they don’t have anyone available to drive them anywhere?

  11. Southernvoice, you are racist. At least do yourself the favor of owning it. These things you think–that white people are an identifiable group that America belongs to, that white people have evolved to be somehow morally different and better than other people, and that Mexicans (who used to be considered by our very own government to be “white” for the record) are somehow different than “us” even though they are also descended from Europeans–those things are racist.

    That’s pretty much the textbook example of racism.

    And I don’t have to treat your racist ideas with respect. I just don’t. If you want to start something like Tennviews, but for racists, go right ahead–then you find likeminded bloggers and promote yourselves to the exclusion of the rest of us and I will rest easy at night knowing that you don’t think I’m like you.

  12. I don’t give a shit if the cops racially profile people in order to kick their illegal asses out of our country.

    You do understand, don’t you, that most Hispanic people in this country are citizens? And a smaller but still large number are here legally on work visas or are legal residents. Is it fine by you that these law-abiding people are routinely stopped by police for no reason whatsoever (although the police will be happy to invent one for the paperwork) while going about their law-abiding business just because they have skin tone and facial features like those of many people (not all: I don’t see your concern with the huge numbers of people in this country illegally from Italy, Albania, Ukraine, and other places where people’s skin is mostly white) here illegally? That’s what racial profiling is, and it is racist, both in intent and in practice.

  13. FWIW, and just to provide some sort of counterbalance: i too am against illegal immigration. i do not, however, oppose immigration, nor do i think “kick them all out and build a wall” is any sort of solution. the only workable solution i can see is some sort of guest worker program, allowing those who wish to come here in order to try and support their families to do so aboveboard. regardless of what color their skin is.

    oh yes, and some manner of amnesty such that those who are already in the country illegally can make use of aforementioned guest worker program, once it’s in place. not a complete amnesty, of course, but it’ll have to be a nearly complete one.

    all this because it is in our interest to both control immigration into our country — we want, at very least, to know who’s coming in — and to allow people who wish to contribute to our country and our economy to do so legally. both these things benefit us all, enormously. isolationism and racism do not, nor does indulging in the crazy-ass delusion that we can be isolationist when that is physically impossible.

  14. Oh good god. I leave for three seconds to go take some pictures of my tits glowing like paper lanterns or the landscape of Mars and I have to come back to some giant Black/Jewish/Muslim conspiracy?

    Southernvoice, listen, I’m going to give you just a little tip that you can use when you’re arguing your vile, evil nonsense someplace else. You cannot both argue that white people are the smartest, bestest folks in the world AND argue that we are the helpless victims of some sneaky conspiracy cleverly hidden from most white people by the brilliant strategizing of people who are so much stupider than us.

    It makes no sense. If they’re so dumb, how can they make such elaborate hidden conspiracies against us? If our genes are so superior, how did we end up with the likes of you among us?

  15. If our genes are so superior, how did we end up with the likes of you among us?

    cousin marriages, mostly, would be the stereotypically prejudiced answer.

    (i have avid genealogists in my immediate family. said family has deep roots in a small, remote farming community. i know EXACTLY how inbred i really am.)

  16. Hey, some of us ravening, alien hordes marry our cousins, too! When we’re not busy doing down the white man, of course.

  17. Actually many Mexicans are not from Europe but are indigenous people who were here before white people.

    B, I apologize profusely for feeding the troll, but that made me cringe and crack up at the same time. Talk about negating your own point (such as it is, ahem).

    Because, you know, if the good Mexican and Native American people really wanted to push it (and their numbers are sufficient), they’d be fully entitled to round up us white eurotrash cousin-marrying inbred immigrants and put us on rickety boats right in the path of Hurricane Dolly. Unfortunately, they’re too busy trying to survive to have time to bother with payback right now.

    And now, y’all, stand back and watch while some loon somewhere takes that and says “HOW DARE THEY? AFTER ALL WE’VE DONE FOR THEM!?!?!”

    This is why I don’t get much involved in these discussions. Like most political forums of late, the majority of folks have reasonable, rational opinions, based in both research and experience, but the ones who get heard are the “and you’re ugly, too!” screamers.

  18. Southernvoice, no one is threatening to ban you. Are you kidding? You’re the second most amusing thing that’s happened here all week (the first being the aforementioned boob glow experiment).

    Please, rail on. I would especially love to hear how you reconcile being a Christian with your ‘protecting white heritage’ bullshit. I mean, you are aware that Christianity did not originally come out of Europe, right? If being white is so great and promoting white ethnicity so important, why are you a monotheist?

    Oh, right, because you’re a hypocritical, evil conspiracy theorist who’s barely literate and is just looking for an excuse to hate on the people you hate, not in developing a consistent philosophy.

    I’m promoted “here” because this is my blog. Do you not understand where you are?

    Anyway, you’re welcome to keep railing but since you’ve yet to say anything that white supremacist racist assholes haven’t been saying since the dawn of white supremacism, I’m done engaging you.

  19. we have a right to protect our heritage no matter where it is on the scale.

    no. some heritages are despicable and deserve to be reviled. remembered, yes, as negative examples; practiced and kept alive, no.

    and, no, the ideas you’re being attacked for promoting are not new. they’re ancient, quite literally, and we know from long experience that they are poisonous.

    (FWIW, my ancestors never wrote the U.S. Constitution either, nor did they help build any serious part of this nation, nor are its values derived from anything in my ethnic heritage. yet, somehow, if i only cared about my ethnicity’s interests, not a few blatant racists would praise me for it!)

  20. Getting back to the topic at hand…
    It seems to me that there are two issues here:
    1) Should she have been arrested (YES)
    2) Did she not receive adequate medical care (POSSIBLY, hell I’ll even say yes on this one)
    3) Should she have been release (NO)

    As for GA traffic law:

    § 17-6-11. Display of driver’s license for violation of traffic, motor vehicle, motor common carrier, motor contract carrier, or road tax on motor carrier laws in lieu of bail, recognizance, or incarceration; suspension of license; organ donation; arrest; seizure of license

    (c) Nothing in this Code section bars any law enforcement officer from arresting or from seizing the driver’s license of any individual possessing a fraudulent license or a suspended license or operating a motor vehicle while his or her license is suspended, outside the scope of a driving permit, or without a license.


  21. What worries me most about the troll is that it claims to be defending American values, but is actually trashing them. The Constitution makes it clear that what unifies “we, the people of the United States” is our adherence to the form of gov’t we have devised here, not any national origin. The Framers’ intent here is abundantly clear. Yet the troll persists in associating Americanness with national origin, and spits at the Americanness the Framers devised.

    More seriously, I also am very concerned that people in TN, who didn’t had to deal with much immigration from anywhere for a century or more until just recently, really don’t understand what the process of immigration looks like, either from outside or from within. I wonder how many folks watched the All-Star game last week, and heard Yogi Berra talk with the announcers for a while. He sure talks funny, doesn’t he? Funny accent, too — not a typical St. Louis accent, for sure. That’s because he grew up in an immigrant household, and his family, while completely committed to the US, never managed to learn to speak English too well. Yet he managed to become an icon of The American Pastime, ya know? I bet he eats spaghetti all the time, too — I know his childhood buddy Joe Garagiola does. Are these the folks people like our troll want to protect us from? And, if not, what besides out and out bigoted racial prejudice separates them from the Mexicans trolly hates and fears so much?

  22. Must I do all your research for you?

    TN CODE:

    7-63-102. Agreement by offender to appear. —

    In order to prevent the offender’s arrest and the issuance of the warrant against the offender, the offender must sign an agreement to appear at the time and place indicated, and to waive the issuance and service of a warrant upon the offender.

    [Acts 1969, ch. 208, § 2; T.C.A., § 6-652.]

    7-63-106. Issuance of citation or complaint after investigation at scene of accident or place of violation. —

    All the procedure enumerated in this part as to giving citations or complaints in lieu of making arrests and taking out warrants shall also apply when the officer, as designated in § 7-63-101, makes a personal investigation at the scene of a traffic accident, or makes a personal investigation at the place of violation, as a result of which the officer has reasonable and probable grounds to believe that the driver of any vehicle involved in the accident has violated any traffic ordinance, law or regulation of any municipal, metropolitan or city government in this state; or in the case of violations other than traffic accidents, the officer has reasonable and probable grounds to believe that the owner or occupant of property involved in a violation has violated any ordinance, law or regulation of any municipal, metropolitan or city government in this state.

    [Acts 1969, ch. 208, § 6; 1973, ch. 101, § 2; T.C.A., § 6-656.]

    7-63-107. Part inapplicable — Driving under influence — Nonresidents. —

    None of the provisions of this part shall apply when it appears that the offending party is guilty of driving while under influence of intoxicants or drugs, or if the offender is a nonresident of the state of Tennessee.

    [Acts 1969, ch. 208, § 7; T.C.A., § 6-657.]

  23. Okay, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be stupid, but what do you think that says? Villegas is a resident of Tennessee. She lives here. The law you quoted says that the arresting officer could have instead used his discretion and decided whether OR NOT to arrest her.

  24. I figured you’d try and throw up that residency thing.

    Yes, the law i quoted says he could have issued her a ticket, but it also says that if he has a reasonable belief that she will not appear in court, then he can arrest her.

    The point is that the citation is a function of convenience, so that cops aren’t hauling all the speeders into court. AT ANY TIME, a cop may decide that the person should be brought in.

    That’s as much of your research as I had time to do over lunch.

  25. Dudes, I’m calling Eloi on trolly. Especially since he thinks he’s a Morlock.

    My eyes glazed over at “raving Zionists.” Because the state of Israel has such a direct impact on a discussion of Ms. Villegas’ situation.

    I wanted to ask how she and her family are doing; are they all back at home to await her hearing, or is she still jailed?

  26. The point is that the citation is a function of convenience, so that cops aren’t hauling all the speeders into court. AT ANY TIME, a cop may decide that the person should be brought in.

    how often do Tennessee cops arrest severely pregnant white women for speeding? y’know, since they CAN do so at any time, and all.

  27. Is it wrong for me to want to kiss Sar? Because, he’s always wrong about everything (like, clearly, in this case he ought to want to be the Invisible Man), but that is an awesome pickup.

  28. 1) Cops aren’t doctors. Their not responsible for dtermining how ‘severely’ pregnant she is.
    2) I don’t know. How many severely pregnant white women get stopped driving with no license, no insurance, and a previous deportation?

  29. I already am The Invisible Man. Thought I’d try something new.

    Getting away from the Protocols of Zion for a second, I don’t recall if this has been brought up, but is the rationale for detaining Villegas because she posed a flight risk? If so, were they afraid she might go back to Mexico before they had a chance to deport her?

  30. 1) Oh, OK. It’s true I’ve never seen you.

    2) Yes, ostensibly. Can you spell eyeronnie aironi irony? Can this cop recognize it?

  31. Very funny.
    The “undocumented” are often difficult to keep tabs on, and transient, but then you knew that. Or are all the latino gypsies a symptom of GA alone?

    Probably that damn ICE.

  32. I don’t know. How many severely pregnant white women get stopped driving with no license, no insurance, and a previous deportation?

    If the cop knew she had a previous deportation, then there’s a bigger problem. Unless he was an immigration officer. Regular police officers don’t legally have access to that kind of information unless I’m sorely mistaken.

    I’ll take Nomen Nescio’s question a step further and ask how many white people get ARRESTED for driving without a license? This is the first case I’ve ever heard of of ANYBODY being arrested for driving without a license first offense.

  33. She was not arrested simply for not having a driver’s license, she was found to be wanted by immigration authorities, therefore was arrested, just like any other fugitive.

    She, technically, has been running from from the law from the very beginning when she refused to leave when ordered, therefore she is an immigration fugitive and likely to do it again. She’s a criminal and all criminals are handcuffed even in a hospital, not just Mexicans. She was shackeled during labor…not delivery. Most women are “shackled” by stirrups at one end and held down by partners at the other anyway, but handcuffs, not necessary.

    This illegal was ORDERED deported back in the 90’s; an order she deliberately refused to obey. She chose to stay in this country long enough to deliver four (count them! 1! 2! 3! 4!!) anchor babies! Try asking yourself, just who paid for those deliveries?

    I am not racist one little bit and this is not fair to all the legal Latinos, (Hispanic, Mexicans, etc.) that have jumped through all the hoops and payed thousands of dollars to do the right thing? How about all the ones who have made a conscious decision to wait their turn? Do you not think it is hurting them and their families seeing what she is doing and you jump to the aide and ask sympathy for someone who abuses and discredits the reputation of all Latinos? You may not think so, but most Americans DO respect Mexicans who come here and live by the same rules all citizens are expected to live by.

    Stories like this just adds fuel to the illegal immigration fire because more and more legal immigrants are getting sick of the defence of illegals, when they themselves have worked years and spent thousands of dollars to do the right thing.

    Time would be better spent changing the “handcuffed while hospitalized” law, which I would agree doesn’t need to be done in a case like this, than portraying this woman as a victim. There’s plenty of security when a prisoner is hospitalized.

  34. Okay, then, Ex, I’m again not seeing how it’s applicable to this.

    DinTN, where to even start? How did the police officer know she had a record? Did he, at the scene, run her finger prints? No? I didn’t think so.

    Otherwise, “Blah blah blah–I’m not a racist, I just don’t like brown people.” Yeah, I got it.

  35. Full disclosure about your sister: this wasn’t her first run-in with the po-lice, was it? To hear you tell it, the cops are well versed with her hijinks.

  36. How was the officer on the scene going to know that she was a resident of TN?

    That’s a bit ridiculous. How does he know any given person who walks by him isn’t a serial killer? Should he arrest all of them?

    If she’s in TN, and claims to be a resident of TN, seems to me that he should take her word absent evidence to the contrary. It’s that whole innocent until proven guilty thing.

  37. Try asking yourself, just who paid for those deliveries?
    What makes you think she and her husband didn’t pay for them? I’m thinking you assume too much. (Unless she has twins. Paying for twins is more than anyone can do by themselves unless they’re waaay above middle class.)

    Hell, even if they didn’t pay for it themselves I’m willing to kick in a few dollars to make sure her babies don’t strangle on their own cord on the way out. Why aren’t you DinTN? Do you hate babies? You may not be racist, but baby-hating is waaaaay worse.

  38. Most people show a picture ID, ya know? Like a drivers’ license. I believe the police are a wee distrusting when you have already broken the law and don’t have ID. They generally don’t just ‘take your word for it’. Innocent until proven guilty doesn’t play into it since she had already broken at least one law by driving without a license or insurance.

    I have many stories, Sarcastro. You’ll need a playbook.

  39. Well, instead of slinging mud back and forth, which accomplishes nothing in the end, I actually emailed the TN sheriff’s dept.

    Whoa, these folks are on the defensive, big time. I also received two emails in return from Karla Weikal (oh my goodness, a GERMAN name, perhaps even JEWISH?!) in their public relations department.

    Also, the arresting officer just happens to be running for the local school board, which of course wasn’t mentioned (apologies if it was mentioned on here before) – politics perhaps? Or perhaps not. Right.

    However, according to Ms. Weikal, the officer made a “mistake” about not allowing her the use of a breast pump and was also “mistaken” to have shackled her on her first trip to the restroom. This policy is under review and apparently steps are being taken so “mistakes” don’t happen again. Ha, I bet!

    She also says that the public doesn’t seem to care about the other TWENTY- FOUR pregnant women currently in their jail. But, hey, they were just enforcing the law, so apparently the whole mess is not their “fault” in the end.

    Well, now I AM concerned, what ARE their situations??

    I’m sure I got prompt reply when I mentioned that my daughter and son-in-law work for a rather large newspaper here in California, which is true. Lots of undocumented workers here, from many different countries. Hmmm….I wonder why the employers aren’t usually held responsible.

    I wonder if I would have received any reply at all if members of my family did not work for the press. A conservative newspaper not withstanding.

    And, Exador, where were your ancestors from?? I did suggest that perhaps the sheriff’s office re-read (or perhaps read) the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution. I suggest the same to you.

    So much for the American Dream. Yes, I’m very intolerant of intolerance. If anyone would like a copy of this obviously beleaguered woman’s email, let me know.

    No, on second thought, email or call her yourself. She obviously has a thankless job, particularly now. This seemingly nice woman, in the middle of an impossible dilemma, even gave me her phone number if I wanted to discuss it further! She seems to be trying, I’ll give her that, although the “spin” was a bit much. So give her a raise. She even shared her story of the birth of her child with me!

    So, carry on, with hopefully a bit more civility. I find the whole situation sad all the way around.

  40. She was a re-entry after deportation Title 8 USC 1326 a felony. She had already been formally deported, and chose to return. ALL deportees are warned, prior to deportation, that they face arrest and prosecution if they decide to return illegally.

    All felons are arrested and detained by police. ICE places the detainer. Everyone has choices in life, all choices have consequences. The same thing would have happened if they were Irish, Poilish or French. She needs to grow up and realize she is going to be making decisions for two, from now on!

  41. I’m ready to bet that if she’d been Irish, Polish, or French she wouldn’t have been stopped in the first place. As the cops remind us in neighborhood meetings, they just stop people they don’t like the look of (i.e. who are the wrong color or are dressed the wrong way), so they can run records checks on them, and make up a reason for the stop if anything turns up.

  42. Better to run it like the TSA’s terrorists screening, where little old ladies and infants getting extra scrutiny, just to ‘be fair’.


  43. I can one up you on the TSA. There are SKY MARSHALS who have a hard time getting aboard aircraft because their names appear on the “no-fly list”.

    Your tax dollars at work.

  44. My favorite is the one where they took away a pilot’s pocket knife.

    He’s the fucking pilot! I think if he wants to kill everybody aboard, he’ll find some other way, like gravity and the planet, to do it.

  45. Everyone has choices in life, all choices have consequences.

    This isn’t the point. Everybody knows it’s the law. B actually posts the name of the law in her post title so you can bet that she knows it the law, we all know it’s the law. The question isn’t whether choices have consequences but whether the consequences are appropriate for the choices. Nobody is disputing that under the law, as it stands, the police had the right to do this. The question is should that be the way it is or is the law wrong in this instance.

  46. Better to run it like the TSA’s terrorists screening, where little old ladies and infants getting extra scrutiny, just to ‘be fair’.

    Um, Ex, Irish immigrants make up one of the largest groups of illegal immigrants in this country right now, and that’s after two amnesties and a couple of green-card lotteries in the past 20 years. I’d say that targeting folks who look Hispanic and not folks who look Irish is racism pure and simple. Yeah, most people who look Irish are citizens; but then, most people who look Hispanic are citizens, and you seem to have no problem with the cops treating them as potential criminals wherever they are. Do it to everyone or don’t do it at all, I say.

  47. “You may not be racist, but baby-hating is waaaaay worse.”
    My, my W. How low can you go?
    Yes, I hate babies so much that it’s perfectly ok with me that a Mother of 3, highly pregnant with another, chooses to drive an unsafe vehicle, (which, by the way is what got her caught, not her “brown skin”) no driver training, no license, no insurance, no regard for the children’s safety.
    Driver training, driver’s license, insurance, child safety trainig all the things I did for MY children, would have been available to her had she not been here illegally.

  48. nm,

    I doubt there are too many illegal irish immigrants in, say, Arizona, or Texas, or California, or even TN.
    But say, Boston? Sure. And I say profile away!

    Although your stats might be outdated, considering there’s an economic boom in Ireland.

    Come back to me when you get a better handle on the definition of ‘racism’.

  49. Good Lord, even the ISN, who is famous for inflating numbers to serve their cause, estimates 50,000 Irish illegals in the US, compared to 12 to 30 MILLION latinos.
    And they say 30,000 of the irish are in one burrough of NYC.

    So yeah, if I was arresting Mics in that burrough, I would check their status. You’d be an idiot not to.

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