Am I a Wiccan from Indiana?

Because, if I were, this is exactly the kind of thing that would happen to me.

Last night I had a dream that I was going through a swamp to a little house and, in the house, I was a little girl and I was given some beads to play with.  When I got to the seventh bead, which stood for mystery, I was shoved into a cave, where a woman wrote F-E-H-U on the wall, which, of course, was weird, because she could have just written Fehu.

Wealth and cattle.  Hmm.

Causing discord among kin.

Oh, subconsience, why can’t you be more direct?

8 thoughts on “Am I a Wiccan from Indiana?

  1. I have an idea of a loose interpretation (I was real into dream interpretation awhile back). I’m happy to share if you want, but I understand if you don’t want me planting any interpretations into your head, since only you can really figure out the meaning of your dream.

  2. Well, I glossed over a great deal of the dream, but sure, shoot. I suspect that it could be the usual “tend” message I often get, which I never quite know what to do about.

  3. Can I just say how wonderful the evolution of language is? So Feoh starts off meaning moveable wealth and turns into fee, which means both payment and real property (as in a knight’s fee), which in turn names the (nonexistent) fuedal system.

    For some reason I connect the way it was written out in your dream with Natalie Maines’s FUTK t-shirt. I’m sure there’s no connection….

  4. Well, swamps in dreams usually indicate that you’re feeling stuck in something in your life. Something in your life is feeling repetitive and boring and you want out, but you don’t know how to change it or you don’t feel like you can. But in your dream you were moving through the swamp to receive beads which are often a symbol of something positive that has yet to come. And you started going through the beads one by one until you reached 7. Now 7 is associated with a spiritual enlightenment/awakening, which I think is particularly strong since you counted up to 7. You cite that the 7th bead meaning “mystery” yet if we look in the chakra system any unopened chakra seems to be mysterious until we are able to open it. But when you finally reached the 7th bead, you found yourself in a cave, symbolic of the womb (from which new life is born). And in this womb a woman (perhaps the goddess who is going to be granting you this spiritual revelation??) presented you with ᚠ but she spelled it out. Not sure on the significance of it being spelled out, but since it stood out to you that it was spelled out, you can bet it was significant. Of course as you pointed out, that particular rune indicates the receipt of wealth (Personally, I’d ignore the cattle because having cattle was synonymous with having wealth when the Futhark was being developed).

    So I’d guess (to way over simplify it) that you are feeling stuck in something in your life but are believing that you will soon receive some sort of positive spiritual development that will allow you to start a new life filled with wealth (of some sort, not necessarily cash).

  5. B’s gonna buy a house and own real property! Because her dreams totally correspond to my etymological preoccupations.

  6. What if I’m about to become a rancher? Go ahead, internet, you can tell me. Are any of you considering giving me a herd of cows?

    NM, I love your etymological preoccupations, but I just don’t know if it means that I should be not looking for a house but building up my assets (movable wealth) or if I should get back in the house hunting sooner than I’d planned (and not give up my quest for real property)?

  7. Well … I think it means that those are questions that are on your mind right now. I don’t think dreams in themselves give answers or direction; they just use images and associations to tell dreamers what their subconscious is going on about. Of course, there are times when the subconscious is going on about exactly the same things that the conscious mind is, and I figure that this is one of them. But I’m not you, so I can’t say for sure. Maybe there’s something in all the associations, images, and elements of the dream that will give you a new perspective.

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