10 thoughts on “I Changed My Policy

  1. I’m sorry. I was just informed that the troll who was polluting my blog with her anti-Semitic garbage made her way over here. I don’t know how she found me, or you. All I can do is offer apologies. I’m so sorry.

  2. Oh My GOD! Aunt B. reads you! I am so impressed!!!!!! I’ve been a daily reader of hers since 2006 when I googled up “honyock” and it directed me to her site! :-) WOW! Do you look at Sarcastro’s site? Did you ever visit http://www.rachellucas.com ? I love you, you know! :-) :-)
    Kids alright? Big E? I’ve tried to contact Vivian’s son, but he won’t return my calls. (he probably sees my area code and thinks that it’s a wrong number) His name is Robert, same last name, and lives in the same town as you do. Maybe you might have better luck than I. She’s not been in any obits. Time for bed.

  3. Sorry about all of the above, I thought I clicked on another site, and I clicked on yours instead…………….I feel oh so stupid now. Still love you though!

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