I took the Butcher to see Footloose tonight.  In revenge, he says that he hopes our tattooed friend fights with my friend at lunch tomorrow and then takes her into the bathroom and “knows” her so loudly that everyone in the restaurant stares.

That being said, I think he liked it.

I’ll say this for it.  It’s better than the movie.

So, yes, I thought the singing was great and the acting was good.  But the play is what it is.  I really about wanted to take the whole cast and stick them in something else, just to see what they could do, but maybe that’s not fair.  I mean, it’s based on the movie.

But I felt like the play itself was a little too sketchy.  LIke the mom might as well be matrix ex machina for all the time she gets on stage, but the actor did a great job with the character.  And the woman who played the preacher’s wife did a great job conveying that kind of stiffling “we must let the men be in control” crap from the 80s.  The preacher was really good once his character was given a little conflict.

And the men… oh they can sing.  It’s worth it to go just to hear “Mama Says.”

And the girl who played Rusty was really, really good.

So, this is disjointed, but I liked it and we had a good time.  I think that, if you’re one of those folks who loves the 80s, you’d have a really good time and I think it’d be a great thing to take your kids to.

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  1. Whoa. Why have I just now noticed that tiny cat’s pants have red splotches on them? I thought they were polka dots, but now they are inflammed red splotches like a rash of some kind. I will have to explore the waybackmachine after my morning business.

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