More Proof Mexicans are Ruining Our Culture

So, the tattooed friend has a job that involves putting things that “nothing runs like” together, not for farmers, but heavier equipment.  Like any good union man, he’s a Democrat.  There are quite a few Mexicans who work in his shop and I asked him how he felt about that.

He said that he liked and was good friends with the guys he worked with, that they work hard and are really nice, but that they have a really hard time with some of the other white guys there.

“Why?” I asked.  And the tattooed friend put down one cell phone and dug in his pocket for the other.  “You have two cell phones?”

“Yeah, one I use to call people and stuff and the other one…” he opens it up, flips a button, and turns it towards me.  There scrolls picture after picture of naked women doing everything from just innocently jiggling their boobs to doing some dude up the butt with a strap on “… is for all the porn the guys at work send me.”

“Holy shit.  Y’all spread that around at work?”

“Not the Mexican dudes, though.  That’s why some of the white guys don’t like them; they won’t swap porn with us.  I don’t give a shit, you know.  Do your job, be cool, that’s all I ask.  But these guys don’t even do drugs.  And they want to tell you all the time about their kids.”

6 thoughts on “More Proof Mexicans are Ruining Our Culture

  1. That’s why some of the white guys don’t like them; they won’t swap porn with us.

    Yes, dammit! That’s what they’re doing, taking all those good jobs where white Americans can swap porn on company time! Damn them! They’re ruining our country! How dare they! Go home, you immigrants! We white God-fearing anti-adultery pro-life porn-hating Americans will … uh …. will … uh …

    What? I’m sorry. I just got a picture message I need to look at.


    I see why the tattooed friend is y’all’s friend.

  2. If we have to choose between the bigot who can’t spell ‘overbreeding’ correctly and dudes who provide free public art, I’m throwing my lot in with the artists.

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