There’s lots I keep thinking about what happened over in Knoxville, like of course he is an abusive asshole stalker of his ex-wife and of course if you were going to target good liberal folks, you’d find them at a UU church, and of course all the rhetorical hatred of gays and liberals we’ve seen would finally erupt into something like this–a man walking into a church intent on killing everyone in it, including the kids, and then being killed by the police.

Death, my friends, is too good for him.  I hope he lives a good long time, in a tiny cell with only his thoughts to keep him company.

But I also keep thinking about Greg McKendry, standing in his way, and it’s just one of those things that breaks your heart and makes you so proud all at the same time.  And then, the other guys, who came towards Adkisson, even after they saw McKendry fall, to subdue him and keep the situation from being much, much worse.

I imagine that, in a split second like that, that you’re not actually thinking “What should I do?”  That, instead, instinct kicks in and you just do what it is you’re going to do.

Sorry, this is all disjointed.  I work in a small office, in real life, and my co-worker came to us from Knoxville and this is the church her daughter and step-daughters grew up in, the place where she met her husband, and the home of many of her dear friends.

It’s one of the things I both really love and, at times like this, hate about Nashville and Tennessee in general, that it’s not that big a place, that even when something happens across the state, it’s not strange that it would affect someone right across the table from you.

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  1. If Obama makes it to the White House, expect to see a hell of a lot more of this kind of thing. The radical right has spent decades worming its way into our national public id, and they exploded during the Clinton administration.

    Instead of stepping up to help bring some bipartisan sanity to our public discourse following the Oklahoma City bombing, the nimrods in the Republican Party seized the opportunity to whip up even more animosity for Democrats and all things liberal. So even though they’ve largely been in charge for the past decade and a half– joining the Dems in screwing over the angry white men and everyone else with their economic policies– the Republicans and their propaganda organs (right-wing talk radio, corporate media at large, etc.) have been working overtime stirring up eliminationist hatred for all things perceived liberal.

    With a Democratic negro in the White House (one who seems determined to maintain versions of the destructive economic policies of Reagan, Clinton, and Bush), all this has a chance to come to bloody fruition. I won’t be surprised to see wave after wave of ‘isolated incidents’ that will make even the Phineas Priesthood blush.

    And as you know, B., I have reason to expect that I’d be a typical target.

  2. Joel and I attended this church a few times before we moved, and Rev. Buice performed our wedding ceremony. I don’t have the kind of deep connection that someone who grew up in that church would have, but I went enough times to know that this is a church full of wonderful people, and feel for the community.

  3. Just another comment, because I feel kind of disjointed about this, too – going to veer slightly from your post here. I understand what people are saying about the hate spewed by those who authored books found in Adkisson’s home. As a librarian, it sort of troubles me for people to be looking at his bookshelf and saying, “See, see, what he was reading explains it.” I know, he did claim that it was about “liberals.” Something about it gives me the willies, though.

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  5. While I was going through my religious crisis, trying to decide if any form of Christianity might still work for me, I also attended that church a couple of times while I was in Knoxville. I’m still a bit confused by that man’s choice of venues. I mean, did he really think he was doing God’s work by going to a *church* to kill people?

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