If This is the Future of Pith, Color Me Delighted

Pith in the Wind, the blog by our local alternative newspaper–and lets be honest, folks, when the mainstream newspaper runs news items about potential closings because of snow in the middle of July, “alternative” doesn’t have to be any more radical than just “the paper that knows what season it is”–has always been a slightly odd thing.

It looked like a blog and had comments like a blog, but it never quite seemed to be a blog in that it never seemed like the people writing for Pith were reading other bloggers and thinking about what they were saying.  Oh, sure, on occassion, they would point you to a blogger who was saying something similar to what they were saying or something completely moronic.

But that thing that makes blogging really blogging–when you read something someone writes and it reminds you of something else you’ve read, even though they have very little in common, and you make something new and informative out of it for your readers?

Well, I don’t think Pith has had that.

Until today.

Today I’m reading along and it’s all “Sean Braisted says blah blah blah” and “Sean Braisted says blah blah blah” and “Sure, what Sean Braisted says here is interesting but [and, folks, watch it, because here’s where the magic happens] what’s interesting is how what he says has real implications for our discussion on blah blah blah.”


It’s like watching a kid you love continually cannon ball into a pool, like that’s the only way to get wet, and one day, he comes to the edge of the diving board and up, flip, turn, splooosh, right into the water with almost no splash.

You about want to yell “Ta Da!” when he’s done for him.