When Your Online Acquaintances Find Jesus

Two of the people in my feedreader have recently returned to the church.  I have no knock against anyone returning to the church, but if you’re suddenly and abruptly going to refocus your blog on your newfound renewed love of Jesus, I think you owe your readers a slight explanation.

I know this stuff can be incredibly personal, so I’m not asking for much.

Just something like “You know, I’ve decided to go back to church.” or, in one of the cases, I suspect “You know, I quit blogging and someone else has taken up my domain and you didn’t notice, dumbass.”

The one rededication has been pretty major.  The blogger and Jesus seem to have struck up some deal, an important deal, the kind of deal that, if it doesn’t come through, would have major implications, but if it did come through, would have other types of major implications.  I read along really just to see what will happen.  Either thing will be compelling, if the person chooses to write about it.

But the other has been more subtle.  One minute, she was blogging about feminism and the next minute she was blogging about Jesus.  I personally don’t believe those two things are incompatable, but I’m really curious.  It’s almost as if she slipped right out of one belief system into another and the only kinds of people who do that are the profoundly fickle or the profoundly changed.  I can’t tell which she is.

But I’m curious.