If I Have to Suffer, So Do You

In my efforts to prove that John Rich is a more annoying boil on the butt of Nashville than Kix Brooks, I went to his website.

Where he has a song…

About John McCain.

I don’t know how to tell you about it.  It’s… it’s… well… um… The opening sounds like “All My Rowdy Friends” which makes you think of football and Hank Jr.  So, that’s good.

And… well… it only has one verse, so it’s easy to learn.

And I did spend a good ten minutes looking at McCain’s Wikipedia page trying to decide if one can be “shot down in a Vietnam town” or if one is in a plane, if one is actually shot down over a Vietnam town, so I did spend some time thinking about history and grammar, which is never a waste.

But other than that?

I am, once again, reminded of that old joke in the Beetle Bailey cartoons, where someone, usually Bettle, sometimes the Sarge, will be hanging onto the edge of a cliff by a twig and someone ridiculous will come to “help” them by praying or wanting to talk about their problems, and the punchline is always “Send different help!”

Today, after listening to that song, the first thing that popped into my head was John McCain listening to it and thinking “Send different help!”

4 thoughts on “If I Have to Suffer, So Do You

  1. Trying to prove that John Rich is a more annoying boil on the butt of Nashville than Kix Brooks is sort of a cross between trying to prove the existence of God and trying to prove gravity.

    You halfway just take it on faith because you have experiential knowledge that reveals the truth to your inner self AND you’ve seen the apples falling all over town.

  2. From where I sit, on the buckle of the bible belt, this may be more effective than good sense would suggest. This is actually better stuff than his campaign is coming up with. Which makes me seriously wonder if the Republicans do not really intend for him to lose…and why?

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