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  1. NM, it looks brown on my screen. Rachel, because for some reason, she’s taken to chewing on just one spot on her tail and now it’s a gross bloody mess–under my superb bandaging efforts, though. As she gets older, this hot weather is just hard on her.

  2. without your written explanation, it could easily be misinterpreted that you and your dog have a TOO CLOSE relationship…

  3. Ha, Beth, you’re right. That’s an unfortunate side effect of my inability to draw. And yet, I fear that may end up on cartoon porn sites around the globe.

  4. Oh, Mack, I know you wish you could write off my eccentricities as me being drunk or high, but no, this is what I’m like stone cold sober.

  5. oh, B., that reminds me so much of the pitbull i used to have. she did the same thing as she got older and started to develop skin problems, although i don’t recall her ever drawing blood.

    i miss that dog still.

  6. Your pictures are wonderful. I think you have a new career. But, I’m sure your vet told you this, but when something hurts internally, dogs will lick or chew — not necessarily on the right site. So when ever my great guy has an lick wound of his own causing, I know something is hurting somewhere.

  7. Dogmrb, I’m sure that if it’s not the skin problems she was having earlier in the summer (though those seem to have cleared up for the most part), I think it’s that her knee has been bothering her something fierce lately.

    That’s reason number 328 we have to get into a new house. Right now, all my money is tied up in that and I can’t make any big expenditures until we get the house stuff settled. But after that we can talk about getting her fixed up. It’s really starting to stress me out and break my heart, though, since it’s clearly bothering her a great deal. I’m just like “Hold on, Mrs. Wigglebottom! Soon we’ll get you surgery and a back yard to heal up in!”

  8. Uh, I know I’m not a vet. I’m not even a very good stick-figure draw-er so take this with a huge ol’ grain o sumpin sumpin.

    But it sounds as though she may have a hot spot or a lick granuloma. In that case, bandaging it is actually the worst thing you can do. Get some bitter apple or some ICK, a tube of Hydrocortisone 10 and some hydrogen peroxide.

    Rinse the area with the peroxide, treat the wound itself with cortisone and put the taste-aversion stuff on the fur around the area but not directly on the wound itself. Give her some benadryl (1/2mg per 1 pound of dog) to treat both the itching and any anxiety symptoms she may have from other sources of pain that would be causing her to worry a spot.

    If there is any type of chew treat she is particularly fond of, you could try giving her extra of those as well as a distraction.

    Please also give her a big hug from me and also a kiss on her face (if you do that sort of thing.) I hope she finds relief soon, the poor thing.

  9. Oh, also some folks recommend treating the hotspot with an antibacterial ointment like a NeoSporin. I find that the Peroxide does the trick and is cheaper, as long as you are using the Hydrocortisone 10 cream. Make sure it’s the cream and not the vaseline-based jelly, because that, like a bandage, suffocates the wound.

  10. Katherine is right. Kirby has hot spots. Peroxide always works as long as I use something like Neosporin.
    Man, I just love your pictures.

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