It’s Like I Know Rock Stars

So, I was on a mission to retrieve my cell phone and drop some books off for Rachel, which meant navigating the maze which is that part of town.  I managed, though that’s not what I want to write about.

First, I went up to the desk to leave Rachel her books and the woman was all “Humph, can I help you?” and I was all “I need to leave these books for Rachel…” and I didn’t even get her last name out and it was like the clouds parted and the birds came out and the angels sang a perfect chord and that woman’s attitude went from “Don’t even fucking bother me” to “And can I get you a comfy pillow to stand on?”

She was all “Oh, be sure to write down your name so she knows where they came from.”  And “Oh, I know how it is when someone brings you something to the office.”  and “I’ll be sure Rachel gets them.  Isn’t she so nice?”

And then, I find my way to my next stop and I’m all “I need to retrieve my phone.  Mack’s neighbo…” Again, didn’t even get the whole thing out and literally, every person in the office poked their head out to see who this woman who knew Mack was and isn’t his wife so nice and aren’t their kids so smart and isn’t their place so gorgeous and please do tell the primary wife hello for me and for me and for me tee hee hee.

And then I get back to the office here and my boss is all “Beth is coming, soon.” in this hushed voice.

Sweet Jesus, people.  I like y’all, but I had no idea how great people think you are.

3 thoughts on “It’s Like I Know Rock Stars

  1. I hate I missed you when I navigated my way to your workplace.

    And speaking of people that rock: your boss — I love her! I just hope I didn’t horrify her in my standard attire of white v-neck tshirt, blue jeans and flip flops… I did give her fair warning, however….

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