I Command You To Do the Following

1.  Respond to my emails.  (Christian Grantham, I’m especially looking at you.)

2.  Tell me, where is Nikki Tinker getting her money and who exactly is okaying these ads?

3.  Fix your links, Tim Chavez, so I can see for myself what you’re talking about.

4.  Explain to me, EMILY’s List, how endorsing the aforementioned Nikki Tinker serves anyone’s best interest.  We’re trying to get away from the stereotype of women as evil harridans who, when given a little power, will stoop to the deepest depths to destroy everyone who stands in our way, aren’t we?  Did we give up on that goal of feminism and no one told me?

5.  Check this out.  Not only can you find this wonderful blog full of insight and words like ‘harridan’ by using either https://tinycatpants.wordpress.com or http://tinycatpants.net, my friends, after waiting out the fuckers who squatted on http://tinycatpants.com, it is now mine!  Mine! Mine!  All mine.  I need to make a new shirt in honor of the occasion.


4 thoughts on “I Command You To Do the Following

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