6 thoughts on “Hee

  1. Why do I want to give you some pot? Or acid?

    67 dead shows on, and I can’t hear that song without thinking that.

    I once wrote a nasty-bad arty novel called Buck Dancer’s Choice after that song. The title was the only remotely good part. I wrote it before I knew about the FIRST book (of Dickey poetry) called that. Then I was doubly sad.

  2. I like your choice better — wow, that brought back some memories.

    (yes, I have memories — I didn’t partake in the pharmaceuticals or homegrown)

  3. You know that it’s a complete myth that you don’t remember shows you were high at. I’m just saying.

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  5. Jesus, if the that didn’t take me back to the hippie days in Asheville, 1992-2000. I was one of wave of grunge kids that turned Asheville into the liberal mecca it is today. Sadly, all of the old bars and head shops are either closed or totally corporate now.

    I’d really love to live one of those summers over again…

  6. Two of my personal faves, especially having just got back from Gathering of the Vibes! Spectacular choices, both.

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