Jesus Christ, Revisited

I just got home to discover that every major news channel is carrying coverage of the Edwards affair as if it is a newsfact on par with us keeping people in tiny stand-up coffins in the name of freedom.

When I posted my post, I had no idea that the media would be being so fucking ridiculous about this and I apologize for adding to the stupidity.

I would like to reiterate, though, that monogamy does not have to be the ideal state of every relationship and lots of successful relationships do fine without it.  But it is hard for any relationship–between spouses or between candidate and country–to survive on lies.

So, go forth and fuck who you want, just be above-board about it.

13 thoughts on “Jesus Christ, Revisited

  1. I think that this is the equivalent of a dam bursting. All of the media knew about it now for freaking weeks, if not months, but did not want to report on it for whatever reason. And that resevoir kept on building.

    But as soon Edwards legitimized the story by his press conference….

    Bam! Whoosh! They went Johnstown on it.

  2. All of the media knew about it now for freaking weeks, if not months, but did not want to report on it for whatever reason.

    Maybe because, um, there were slightly more important things happening? I’m no fan of corporate media, but there is a major presidential campaign going on right now, one with some major global issues in the balance, and I can understand Edwards’ personal problems not being worthy of a headline or extensive coverage.

    Of course, it was only a matter of time before the corporate media reverted to form. And not a moment too soon: now that another popular Democrat has publicly stepped on his penis, right wingers can have something to take their minds off of high fuel prices, misbegotten foreign engagements, and a host of other gems of conservative policy.

  3. I think the reason the mainstream media didn’t report on it was that they didn’t want to give legitimacy to the Enquirer. As Goldeni points out, if you start to view the Enquirer as a legitimate news site, then every article they’ve written–about the President and Rice or about the Bush daughter abortion or whatever other tawdry story they ignored because it was just in a “tabloid”–starts to shine with a slight glint of possible legitimacy.

  4. Working in a newsroom, I can tell you it’s not about the legitimacy of the Enquirer. It’s never about whether another news service or source is legitimate. We report what local bloggers report, for example. What it boils down to is very simple: can we confirm the report. If we cannot and run with the story anyway, that’s called “assumption journalism.”

    The ONLY way any other news agency could confirm the Enquirer’s story was to ask John Edwards or his mistress. The nature of the story wasn’t such that any other way of researching would conclude the facts. This was a private sexual affair, not a public matter with a paper trial or several willing participants willing to share information.

    I saw many in the local blogosphere openly wonder why the media wasn’t reporting what the National Enquirer was reporting. Those same bloggers had zero confirmation and might as well have asked us why we weren’t running the latest sighting of Bat Boy.

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  6. […] might as well have asked us why we weren’t running the latest sighting of Bat Boy.

    sadly, i don’t think there have been any since the Weekly World News folded, some time ago already. the Enquirer is just not the equal of America’s finest news source.

  7. It would have been relevant soon enough. “Hey, why is the guy with the third most delegates in the Democratic primary strangely absent from the nominating convention?”

    A legitimate question the ‘corporate’ media have a responsibility to answer to the best of their knowledge.

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  9. I can’t believe they’re making such a big-ass deal out of all that. I mean, good grief…if the Mrs. can forgive him and the Good Lawd can forgive him, lets’ everybody shut up and move on to more important things like boob frecklers, for the love…

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