It’s Always Weird at Our House

For some reason, we’re watching a pirated copy of The Hulk with Japanese subtitles and some dude’s head in the lower right hand corner.

I’m having a hard time telling if the movie  is any good or not.

So, How Was Your Evening?

I just got in.  I smell bad and my throat hurts.  And I need a nap.  But I also have to track down the Professor and see about lunch.

I have to show her how the bag of bags is coming.  America, it is so cute.

Also, yesterday, we went to Pangaea and they had the cutest big fat mermaid and big fat woman drink coasters and it was all I could do to not blow all of my money on accessories for a house I don’t own yet.

Which, turned out to be a good thing, because we went for ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s and that took up all the extra money I had.  Good god, you’d think ice cream like that would make you shit gold, at that price.