4 thoughts on “Grant Morrison

  1. He gets at part of the buzz of doing research as a historian. I go into archives and I touch the paper or hold the objects that my subjects touched, I ingest their handwriting, I sit in the same position that they sat to write those words. It can be quite a powerful thing.

  2. And isn’t that what’s so damn cool about going to historic places, too? To put yourself in the people you’re interested ins spot is pretty powerful.

  3. As the commercial says, “it’s the mirrors.” Walking through a place like Monticello, can anybody walk by a mirror and not see all the eyes looking back?

  4. That’s one of the things, too, that I love about sitting out. Sitting there with my tiny cauldron and my herbs and the smoke and the candles and I just feel like I’m shifting into a space people have sat in for thousands of years.

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