Nobody Knows But Me

Ever since I linked to the blog with all the “Long Black Veil” versions, that song’s been running through my head.  Not like an ear worm, where it’s just there constantly distracting you.  No, this song has become quiet background music to me.  Like, right at this very second, I hear me typing, the dog snoring, the fan in the laptop.

But, if I sit still for just  a second and try to think of nothing, there it is “Nobody knows it, nobody sees.”


4 thoughts on “Nobody Knows But Me

  1. The Chieftains version with Mick Jagger (from the album “The Long Black Veil”) is great. But for my money, the best song on that album is Sinead O’Connor doing “The Foggy Dew”. Then again, “A Stor Mo Chroi” with Bonnie Rait is also awesome. Thanks a lot; now I have to stop what I’m doing and go find that CD!

  2. Oops, sorry. I found the CD and, and Bonnie Raitt’s “A Stor Mo Chroi” is on “Tears of Stone”, not “The Long Black Veil”.

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