Why AT&T is on My Shit List

–When I go to make a call, the phone turns off.

–When I go to pick up a call, it rings once, like half a ring, like bri… but I can’t call folks back because the phone turns off

–The one call I did manage to pick up was just the tattooed kid calling because he sat on his phone weird when he was reaching for his pipe

–And I just handed my phone to the Butcher and he’s all “Oh just do this this this this this and this and turn it off, let it sit, okay wait.  Okay, turn it back on.  Now try it.”

–But I’m so mad about his ability to fix my phone, especially when I was getting ready to live-blog his troubles, that I had to write this post before calling my dad back.

–Is the Butcher magic, do you think?

5 thoughts on “Why AT&T is on My Shit List

  1. i got soooo tired of all the money AT&T had suckered out of me, plus their incredibly pushy tactics, so i jumped on the techno bandwagon. i got this thing called MagicJack, which cost 50 bucks for the first year, 30 bucks a year thereafter. unlimited local and long distance. just need a broadband connection and an open USB port.

    i is free at last!

    note: this is not a paid announcement, just a simple way to save buckage i thought i’d pass along.

  2. I have a friend who did that majick jack stuff too. She loves it.

    It’s straight-forward techno-trooubleshooting, B. If the sumbiitch don’t work right, see if it’s got a reset button,. If it doesn’t, turn it off and see if that does it.. If that doesn’t work, pull the battery out. If that doesn’t work, take it in.

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