Oh, Poverty

Every once in a while I’ll hear a story about someone living right here in Tennessee that is just so bone-crushingly depressing I almost cannot believe it’s true,

This was the lead story on Fox News last night, about a woman whose house had been condemned by Rutherford County and the trailer she was supposed to move into burnt down, but her uncle gave her one to live in and so I guess we’re supposed to feel all happy for her.

But Jesus Christ!  For twenty years, ending last week, this woman shit in an outhouse and bathed in a metal drum and had no heat.  She lives on Browns Mill Road, which means she was about 4 miles and 100 years from Murfreesboro.

I don’t know, America.  Is it too much to ask that, in 2008, we don’t have people bathing in metal drums because that’s their only choice?

2 thoughts on “Oh, Poverty

  1. > Is it too much to ask that, in 2008…

    Careful, it’s questions like that that could prevent some people from buying their 7th house, 4th Mercedes, and a Lear Jet. Won’t someone think of those poor people who can barely afford a Lear Jet?

  2. I think it sucks someone would have to live that way, but what business is it of the government to kick someone out of their home because they think it’s unsafe to live in? It’s one thing if the place is a hazard to other people (like an apartment building), but someone’s house out in the country? That’s their business if they want to live there, isn’t it? Just seems odd she was forced out even if it did result in her getting a nicer place to live.

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