Blogger, Heal Thyself

Tim Chavez is picking sides in the Obama/Clinton fight (a fight concocted mostly by the media):

The political spin started with four women being proclaimed masters of the convention proceedings. The underlying message to supporters of Sen. Hillary Clinton is that Sen. Barack Obama and the party leadership want to show you that women still have it real good — even if they’ve been denied one of their own as a potential president of the United States of America.

Would African-Americans have been satisfied with something like that if a candidate who looked like them had been denied the nomination? Of course not. So why are women considered stupid enough to accept these shenanigans?

And I’m sorry to have to ask this of Tim, but what the fuck?

I can only assume that Tim is unaware that there are women who are black and that, therefore, Obama does look like them.  How else could he have posited this idea that Obama looks like black people and Clinton looks like women and never the twain shall meet?

8 thoughts on “Blogger, Heal Thyself

  1. The thing is, the Democratic Party is a very diverse party and in a given election, it can only put forth ONE presidential candidate. Therefore, in a given election cycle, the vast majority of the Democratic Party will have a candidate who doesn’t “look like them.” One of the things that’s supposed to set the Democrats apart is the fact that we, as individuals, can support people who don’t look like us.

  2. The other thing is, when I look at the Obamas, I do see folks who look like me: egg-head academic Midwestern liberals. I like Clinton a lot, too, don’t get me wrong. I would have been excited if she’d gotten the vp nod. But I don’t look at Clinton and think “There’s someone like me.”

    I see that as both a fact of the success of the feminist movement and just a difference between me and a lot of other women–that I can be excited about seeing a woman get as far as Clinton has gotten, but that I don’t feel like it’s a personal loss that she didn’t win the nomination.

  3. i’ve never been sure how far down the “looking like” road candidates have to go. Is it enough to match on race but not sex or sex but not race or feminist (original generation) but not feminist (new generation?

  4. The more I read him (and thats getting to be less and less) the more I’m convinced the man doesn’t know much about politics. But, he makes up for it by being a bad writer.

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