Good News for Pregnant Women in Jail

Oooo.  I just saw this over at Tiny Pasture’s.  Thanks to the international attention brought to the plight of Juana Villegas DeLaPaz (driven, I would say, by bloggers, so hurray for us), pregnant inmates in the Davidson County Jail will no longer be shackled during labor!

16 thoughts on “Good News for Pregnant Women in Jail

  1. it sure to one hell of a loud noise and furor to make them change policies. i guess the good thing is, changes are being made. wonder how many more local and national jail/arrest/court ‘policies’ are equally awful and yet ignored?

  2. Sheriff Hall is to be commended for his responsiveness. It seems he is always leading the way for others in the ‘jail’ business.

    It is not uncommon for people in jail to be in handcuffs and stuff when they are moved from point A to point B. If an inmate escaped or hurt another person, we would all be up in arms and asking the questions: “How did that happen? Why were these people not handcuffed?”

    However, Sheriff Hall has decided that just because those in the jail business have always done a thing a certain way, doesn’t mean changes can’t be made.

    Hats off to the Davidson County Sheriff, Daron Hall, for considering all avenues including the special needs of pregnant women in jail.

  3. Carol Anne, first of all, what Mack said. Second, we’re not talking about handcuffs here and you know it. No one is objecting to prisoners being restrained during transport. What we object to is prisoners being shackled during delivery. (And I have some Constitutional issues with the whole arrest, but that’s neither here nor there.)

    Third, because of you and another commenter, I’m instituting a new rule. If your IP address reveals that you might have a bias in the discussion you’re otherwise not revealing, I will tell my readers what your IP address reveals about you.

    You aren’t a disinterested lowly blog reader and you and I both know it. You can either ‘fess up now or I’ll let everyone else know where you’re sitting when you’re commenting.

  4. No, what we have here is Aunt B deliberately misleading the issue since she knows that the woman was not “shackled” during delivery, yet she keeps repeating the lie.

    Are the other prisoners going to get the same evaluation of flight risk, or is this just something special for those about to download?

  5. My daughter was delivered after 13 hours labor. The delivery itself, took about 3.4 seconds. 13 hours shackled vs 3.4 seconds not shackled? No contest

  6. Actually, my hyperbolic friends, I believe the number was HOURS before delivery for Ms Illegal.

    And again, is this evaluation going to be just reserved for the preggos?

  7. No, Exador, my understanding is that anyone taken to the hospital to have a baby will not be shackled, not just the pregnant people.

    Or something.

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