I remember that moment, early on in my blogging career when I was blogging along with a readership small enough to encompass people I could call on the phone… well, if I could find their numbers on scraps of paper shoved in the bottom of my purse.  And then one day Peggasus showed up.

A commenter I didn’t know.

And even though her arrival heralded a bump in my readership from 29 to 30, I was thrilled and freaked out to discover that I had a reader I didn’t know, who didn’t know me, but who came back again and again anyway.

I saw this commenter–Erratic Dragonfly–over at Tiny Pasture’s and I click on her name and I see that she’s been writing for all of six days.


I’m sticking her in my feed reader.

I’m curious to see what will happen and I hope some of y’all will go over there–to this person I don’t know (I don’t think at least) and read her.  It’s just my way of passing along the great kindness Peg did for me.

4 thoughts on “Peggasus

  1. HA!

    Oh, yeah, I TOTALLY made you the blogger you are today!

    It was the Peggasus Bump.

    Now let’s Terrorist Fist Bump in recognition of that occasion.

  2. Thanks, Aunt B! Imagine my surprise returning from a meeting to fnd that I have comments and a link from “celebrity” members of the Nashville blogging community. It feels (however innacurate and melodramatic this may sound) like arriving. Made my day. FWIW, I have been reading you pretty regularly for a long time now and would consider you one of my, hee, blogging influences.

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