I Own a Garage Door Opener!

That, for me, is what makes it real.  I don’t know why, but getting the keys seemed pretty ordinary.  When he handed over the garage door openers, that’s when I almost lost it.  How weird is it to be a person who owns a garage door opener?

The closing was very smooth.  Kathy Tyson was there and Rhonda Hall from the bank and the Butcher, all watching as I signed and signed and signed.  I was tickled to see the deed to the house and felt I was doing my part for future historians by signing it.

And then we went to Richard’s to eat and it was so much food for so little and Richard himself brought us out a special dessert and sang Happy New House to us.  Ice cream sprinkled with cinnamon, then covered with flaming bananas and candied pecans.

It’s a weird life, sometimes, you know?

Bottle Tree

I’ve been already decorating in my mind.  There’s a small straight tree trunk standing in the back yard, stripped of branches.  I’m going to go give it a good shake, but if it seems sturdy, I think I’m going to stick some long nails in it and make me a bottle tree.

I guess that means I’ll have to start picking the wines I drink based on the unusual color of the bottle it comes in.

I’m excited, but I’m also scared to death.  I’ve gone over my budget and, though it’s going to be tight, we can make it work, even allowing for energy to go up 20% next month.  But seeing that on paper is not the same as seeing how it plays out for a few months.  And I’m worried it’s going to secretly be much more expensive than I’ve anticipated.

I may have to start trying to subliminally influence Newscoma and Squirrel Queen that the solution to all their problems is to rent a pop up trailer that will handily be sitting in my back yard for the low price of a thousand dollars a month. Sure, there’s no shower and I wouldn’t do more than pee in the toilet, but we can work out a fee per poop for using the bathroom in the house and rig the hose so you can shower out back.

Ha, just kidding.  For you, Newscoma, free.

I’m also thinking of turning the old fountain into a tiered herb garden.

And I’m going to need a hat for lawn mowing.

But I’m not doing any of that today.  I’m not doing anything today but waiting to hear from Kathy about what time we’re closing, where I need to be, and when I need to be there.

Y’all, if this doesn’t work out, I’m going to have to take to my bed.  And not in the fun way.