Okay, Now What’s the Difference?


36 thoughts on “Okay, Now What’s the Difference?

  1. As you might be able to tell from the state of the bed, there was a slight struggle to actually put lipstick on the pitbull. I chose to not attempt to get it even on both sides.

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  3. You are one brave blogger. Thank goodness she didn’t use the joke about the difference between a hockey mom and a grizzly bear!

  4. You this is going to call for more pictures of dogs wearing lipstick. Cats too.

    I hope that wasn’t your favorite color.

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  7. Just because you think of something does not mean it should be done. Most people have a brake between thought and action. PETA and others won’t see humor in this, hockey (and other) moms won’t be particularly fond of the comparison, and many men will be offended that women they love and respect are being depicted as dogs. The liberal crime of Conservative Female Abuse, as described by MM, is a 4 step felony: infantilization, sexualization, demonization, dehumanization. You’ve provided yet another fine example of why the left will not accept a non-victim female into the fold of womanhood as they define it. Let it go, girls, before it eats your soul.

  8. I don’t know. I didn’t realize that only conservatives could be hockey moms. I also didn’t realize that conservatives gave two rats’ asses about PeTA and I don’t know who MM is. Mickey Mouse? What the fuck?

    I think sometimes trolls forget that not everyone knows their lingo.

  9. The comment raises so many questions, and I seek enlightenment. Is it infantilizing to refer to women as girls? Or only to refer to conservative women as girls? Will hockey moms like Sarah Palin’s joke but hate yours? Will many men? What’s the “it” that will eat girls’ souls? And will someone please send pix of whatever it is to ‘Coma?

  10. I’m guessing the MM is Michelle Malkin.

    I’m wondering is this troll has expressed her outrage to Sarah Palin, you know, the one who said it in the first place?

  11. That last comment makes me think you need to add some options to your Cafe Press store. Why not make some Mrs. Wigglebottom in lipstick shirts and mugs too? All proceeds go to taking care of her knee!!

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