18 thoughts on “Mrs. Wigglebottom Makes Salon.com!

  1. She is gonna start acting soooo stuck up, and will make you buy her the most expensive lipsticks in several shades. You will be sorry you ever began this thing.

    I mean, w00t!

  2. But inquiring minds want to know–what shade of lipstick is that? where can I get it?

    Product placement, endorsements, celebrity, corporate sell outs, there is a world of opportunity out there for her!

  3. Mrs. Wigglebottom wants me to assure you that she is still putting her pants on one leg at a time, same as always. They’re just going to be a better quality of pants.

  4. You and your dog have crossed over to the dark side. And your lipstick too.

    You know I still love you, and the dog, and the lipstick doesn’t look so bad either…but you also know I couldn’t resist making that comment.

    Dark side or no, I’m still thrilled that you are now a famous photographer along with everything else.

  5. Your old English dept knows all about this, and I will now convey this information to the communications people, although I doubt they’ll put it on the university home page…

  6. Well, I can’t imagine “Come to our school, major in English, and one day your dog will be famous for a few hours” is really a great pitch. So, I can’t blame them.

    Lynnster, they’ve rearranged the link. But if you scroll down to “Daily Palin” and click on the article, you’ll see her.

    Autoegocrat, when Palin gave her speech, she told a joke–You know what the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is? Lipstick. I, having a pit bull, could not help but wonder what would separate the two if a pit bull wore lipstick.

    I see now that there are some fundamental challenges to putting a pit bull in lipstick and I I would have to say, if asked the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull, it’s how well they take to having lipstick put on them.

    Not nearly as pithy, but closer to the truth.

  7. Holy shit on a cracker!
    Yay!!! And to think that Mrs. Wigglebottom gnawed on my arm that one time at your old place. I will never wash it again.
    Just frigging awesome!!!!

  8. Ah! I see it now. Mrs. W. looks lovely. She should be the new face of Chanel, or Revlon, or something!

    She and my Petey would have made such pretty babies, sigh.

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