At This Rate, We Won’t Have to Worry About a Fence

So, Mrs. Wigglebottom and I got up and went over to the house.  It was one of those disasterous successes or a successful disaster.  I’m not sure.  She loved the new place.  Loved it.  She ran all over the yard and peed on as much as she could find to pee on.  She ran in big circles in the grass back where the garden will go.  For only the second time in her life, she played fetch.  She played tug of war with the kids.  She greeted everyone there is to greet.

My friends, it made me so happy.

And now, she can hardly walk.  I had to lift her onto the couch, where she’s now snoring away.

I can’t stand it.  I’ve got to get her fixed.  A dog who can’t enjoy being a dog is no good to anyone, especially not herself.  According to the internet, she’s got a life expectancy of 9-15 years.  She’s only seven.  I can’t imagine her being able to go on like this for a whole nother lifetime.

People of earth, I know I just bought a house, but I bought the house, in part, because I wanted to have a place I could enjoy with my dog.  And I know that, if I’m going to go into credit card debt, I should put it towards stuff for the house, of which we need a lot.  But she’s never dragged herself across the floor like she’d rather not put any weight on her back end at all.

So, I feel like we’re at a crisis point.

So, it has to be done, doesn’t it?


Fact Checking the Local Blogs

Oh, you know us liberals, we can barely conceal our disdain for America, at least according to Chavez and Brooks.  Brooks I don’t expect any better from, but Chavez?  He should know the importance of getting the whole story before shooting off his mouth.

Anyway, here’s some truth.

Not that it matters.

Our First Trip to Home Depot

So, there was a rocking party over at one of our philosopher friend’s house last night.  I say that and I can already tell that some of you are rolling your eyes all “Pffft.  Philosopher?  Rocking party?  What, do you all sit around all night and debate whether you can accurately translate “dasein” into English, and, if so, if the very font itself you use to type ‘Being’ influences how you feel about the concept?  Woo hoo.  And I mean ‘Woo hoo’ sarcastically.”  But these are the kinds of parties that, by design (ha, did you see that?  It’s that kind of word play that earns me my huge salary here at Tiny Cat Pants), usually include Molotov Cocktail Baseball and half-naked men stumbling around looking for a neighbor’s yard to pee in and semi-discrete threesomes in the back bathroom.  Though, sadly, these things usually start to happen right as I’m leaving because I go to bed at 9:30 because I am a nerd.

Anyway, yes, so we were invited to this party, and instead chose to make our first trip as official home owners to Home Depot.  And then we went over to the house and hung paint chips on the wall and talked about what colors we liked.  I got vetoed on the pink for the dining room, though, when the Butcher saw it on the wall, we both admitted that it came in second to this gorgious dark, luxurious red he’s found. So, obviously, we’re leaning towards the dark, luxurious red.

Mack’s wife, who’s an artist, is going to come over sometime this weekend and help me with color choices.  I feel pretty confident that we could make okay decisions on our own about most of the rooms.  But I want someone with an eye for color standing in that house seeing our options and helping me figure out what to do in the bathroom (which you can see here, if you need a refresher).  Now, keep in mind that the camera seems to have tried to adjust those colors to something reasonable, but no, that door, for instance, is white, not light pink.  So, that tile isn’t a nice light gold, but pale lemon yellow.  And the white that the untiled parts are painted makes the whole thing look not pastel, but washed out.

I mean, it’s 50 year old tile and tile a color I would never, ever pick for myself, so it’s not like I’m expecting a color that’s going to make me love the bathroom, but there’s got to be something, something that would make it feel less drab.

I also want to make sure that we pick the right shade for the kitchen (though I think we’ve got the right color picked out).  And then I wonder what to do about the hallway.  Do we just bring the living room color out into the hallway?  I guess that works if you really like the living room color.

And how do you get switch plates that have been painted over off?  Any ideas?

Anyway, I’m going to head over there after I finish my Diet Dr. Pepper and put some clothes on.  Wish me luck.  I’m installing the new locks.