Hobbs Might Want to Get With McCain

Hobbs says:

Only by twisting her words does the left/media axis attempt to create the false impression that she lied.

McCain says:

“You know what I enjoyed the most, she took the luxury jet bought by her predecessor and sold it on eBay,” he said. “And made a profit.”

I wonder:

Does that mean McCain is a part of the left/media axis?

And Cows! There are cows!

So, I was coming back from picking up the paint for the kitchen, dining room, and living room and I was reaching in the door when I heard this “moo” so loud that it shook my chest and I looked across the back yard and there, on the other side of the fence, was a huge brown cow.

It made up for the terrible wedgie I got scooting around on the floor in the dining room and then the living room taping off the down low stuff.  I think, to finish off the house, we’re going to have to invest in something with wheels to sit on, because I could be the taping goddess, if I wasn’t spending more time scooting than taping.  I did leave the kitchen for the Butcher to tape, though, because I couldn’t even figure out how to begin.

Here’s something weird for you to ponder with me.  So, the face plates in the house are, almost all, covered in paint.  I just assumed that, since the switches and plugs were also covered in paint, whoever painted the rooms just painted over everything because they were in a hurry.  So, I wholly expected to pop off the plates and find old room colors under there.  I mean, people, even the screws were painted.

But, weirdly enough, there was new paint under the plates, too, so I guess they painted the face plates on purpose, so I’ll be damned.

Anyway, so, the only really, really weird thing is that I haven’t taken a shower since Friday morning.  My legs are hairy.  My hair is greasy.  I smell really bad and I have eye crusties.  And I tore my shorts!  So, what I’m saying is that I look and smell terrible.  And yet, I could not get the guys at Home Depot to leave me alone.

Two Things

1.  The dog is up and around and keeps trying to get back in the car.  So, there you go.  That, my friends, is in part what they mean by “game” when they talk about bulldogs.

2.  I see the feds are having to take over Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  So, what was all that talk about privatizing social security?

Do We Have Purple Martins?

So, as you recall, we have a dead fountain in our back yard, which is going to become an herb garden.  Well, the top was full of water yesterday because of the rain and I’ll be damned if there weren’t birds out there in it.  The ones I didn’t recognize looked kind of ordinary except when they flashed the underside of their wings, which appeared to be a bluish purple.  I don’t know what they are.

But I did see a couple of woodpeckers, too, on the wood frame nearby, which is cool.

The executive decision we’ve made about the dog is this.  If she bounces back today, we’re going to hold off until after we move before getting her knee addressed, because recouperating her in a place where she’s only got three steps is going to be easier than recouperating her in a place where she’s got a whole flight of stairs.  If she doesn’t, though, we’ll get it addressed this week.

We’re not paying $3,000 to get her knee completely rebuilt “good as new,” plus the money for aquatic physical therapy or whatever nonsense the vet wanted to sell us when we talked about this last year.  I just want him to go in and put her back together in a way that makes the joint workable and puts her back on the path to a pain-free relationship with herself.

So, that’s what I know.

I’m headed over to the house to tape for painting.  We made another executive decision that, if we’re going to have to get the dog patched up pronto, we’re going to revise our paint plan.  We’ll buy paint for dining room and the kitchen (and maybe the living room), because we want those colors to be exactly right, but we’ll buy paint for the rest of the house from the Habitat store on Division.

And we do need to take a few folding chairs over to the house, because there’s only one step stool (though I think I recall one in the garage) to sit on when you need to rest or eat or whatever.

Anyway, thanks to all y’all for your generous offers.  I’m not sure, though, right now, of what we need.  My goal is to just get into the house and get settled and see what there is–so, for instance, I’m not sticking up curtains until we’re moved.  But I’ll keep you in the loop.


An Open Letter to Benjamin Bratt’s Fans

There seems to be a slight misunderstanding–I like Benjamin Bratt.  I think he’s a great actor and I have enjoyed him in everything I’ve seen him in, including the weirdly crappy show he’s in now.  Let me just reiterate that, in spite of the grandpa-ly advice we’ve all gotten, that you can’t polish a turd, Bratt has put a shine on that thing he’s in now.

That is all.

Aunt B.