I Know You’re Dying for an Update and an Evil Plot

I went over to the house tonight to check out the Butcher’s work and to finish up a few things.  He asked me to finish painting my room and to check the kitchen to see if it needs another coat.

So, my room is a lively beautiful blue.  I don’t think it needs another coat, but I did touch up some spots.  The color in the kitchen is so close to what it was before, except without the ugly green undertone that I hated that in the evening light, I couldn’t tell if it needed another coat, so it didn’t get one.

The den, now dry, is this beautiful darn brown.  And the dining room continues to be so beautiful I about can’t stand it.  And the living room is lovely.  So, I took off all the painter’s tape in those rooms.  Oh, and the bathroom, which has turned out very nice.

So, I have a few goals for Saturday:

  • Tape off the Butcher’s room.
  • Give the Kitchen a final coat if it needs it.
  • Sweep and mop again.
  • Clean the tub.
  • Touch up the trim and ceilings
  • Make sure my room doesn’t need another coat

Um… that’s it.

My evil plot is to lure the Professor out to keep me on track.  Which I guess is not that evil.


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