Things I Have Learned about Antique Spanish Pornography

1.  Early Spanish porn stars were a cheerful lot.  Everyone, from half-naked nuns using candelabras as dildos to topless book-readers, has the most pleasant smile on his or her face.

2.  Men in antique Spanish pornography seem uniformly perplexed but game, as if they just happened to be passing along when all of a sudden a beautiful young maid needed their services and, though they were not sure what might come of it, they were willing to see what happened.

3.  They must not have had mosquitoes in pre-Civil War Spain because a lot of folks seemed to spend a lot of time having naked picnics.

4.  Okay, there is no four.  That’s all I learned.


3 thoughts on “Things I Have Learned about Antique Spanish Pornography

  1. I would have spent my entire time in Spain naked. But I want to go back some day. So I didn’t.

    Still got the worst sunburn I’ve ever known.

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