My Morning Palin Thought

Read this.

America, last night we saw the person running for Vice President of the United States try to cute her way out of Charlie Gibson’s questions.

America, forget not blinking–when she didn’t know, she winked.

This, America, is why we still need feminism, because, when the chips are down, women need a stronger skill-set than “just flirt your way out of the problem.”

25 thoughts on “My Morning Palin Thought

  1. In virtually every way possible. At this point even Palin is using the “you can see Russia from Alaska” line when she was trying to wiggle her way out of foreign policy questions. Not to mention she is enthusiastically talks about the possibility of invading Pakistan, just cuz.

  2. CNBC pundit Donny Deutsch tells us that we’re witnessing “a new creation … of the feminist ideal,” the feminism being so ideal because instead of being voiced by hairy old bats with unattractive ideas about intellect and economy and politics and power, it’s now embodied by a woman who, according to Deutsch, does what Hillary Clinton did not: “put a skirt on.” “I want her watching my kids,” says Deutsch. “I want her laying next to me in bed.”

    After reading THAT, I had to step away from the computer and go smoke a cigarette — Now, I love some Donny Deutsch, but GOOD GRIEF! He wants to elect a woman b/c he sees her as f**kable?

  3. A lot of cro-mags have waited a very long time to be crude and sexist and get paid for calling it “funny.” Now is their time.

  4. Or is it just possible that being crude and sexist is actually funny to those without a stick up their butt?

    As for Palin…I guess I’d hit it…but I wouldn’t pay for dinner.

  5. Crude is sometimes hilarious. Sexist isn’t. I don’t laugh at gimp or nigger or hillbilly jokes either. I won’t demean people and force them to laugh along at their own belittlement so that they can practice internalizing where their place is in society. I’m just uptight like that, I guess.

  6. Freaky Weasel, get in the kitchen and make me dinner. Those dishes don’t do themselves you know. I think you’re a stupid ass and if you disagree then you must have a stick up your butt. I was obviously calling you a stupid ass for comedic effect rather than to belittle you and all freaky type rodents.

    Just from the partial quote Beth used it sounded like Deutsch was insinuating that Palin’s main strength was her looks rather than unattractive ideas about intellect, economy, etc…. rather than be a cro-magnon. Of course it’s hard to say without hearing the rest.

    So B, do you really think she needs a stronger skill-set than just flirting her way out of a problem? It seems to be working quite well for her. From what I see and hear a lot of people are buying her BS line.

  7. I didn’t watch that interview. On purpose.

    The sight of a woman selling women out…because that’s what she does everytime…whether she means to or not…

    And so *proud* of not knowing things…

    I knew it would make me ill.

    So Nope. Didn’t watch it.

    I would have loved to see the look on C. Gibson’s face though.

  8. Is anyone else out there as old as I am and can remember the “Enjoli” commercial of the 70’s?

    This is the Sarah Palin character – just substitute “moose” for “bacon”. Males of Rush’s and Donny’s ilk LOVE her because of it.

    I even remember my mother’s reaction to it; well, actually, I don’t remember the exact words, but it was long, profane, and it cemented my secret belief that my mother was indeed a feminist even as she denied the label.

  9. I mean, I was trying to imagine what that must have been like for Rice, with all her Russia knowledge, listening to Palin say that because she could see Russia, she knew Russia.

  10. She has great knowledge of the Russian language. I’ve heard her speak it, and she’s quite fluent. Her accent isn’t completely native-speaker, but she’s unquestionably good. Oh, you meant her knowledge of Russian politics and history? Sorry, I misunderstood.

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