I Succumb to teh Patriarchy

So, we were talking this afternoon about how happy men are when they have a task.  I was embarrassed to admit that I find this to be true.  I mean, one of the ways the Patriarchy fucks up men is to teach them to base their self-worth on what they do for people rather than just on their inherent niftiness.

And it seems wrong to exploit that.

And yet, when my dad has tasks, he’s much happier than he is when he doesn’t have tasks.  Today he’s cleaned my tub, changed out the shower curtain, purchased a bath mat, scraped all the dirt dauber nests out of my garage, discovered a box of honey, bug-bombed the shed, cleaned half the shelves in the garage, taken two showers, bought a fridge, discussed lawnmowers, helped in the purchase of a microwave/exhaust fan, and conferred with Mack and his wife about various things.  And he took the dog for two walks.

How many discussions have we had about how fat I am?  Zero.

About any other topic I find unpleasant or heartbreaking?  Zero.

How delightful and fun has it been to have him around?  Very.

Fine.  I give up.  Patriarchy, you win this round.

Trying to Buy Gas

Y’all, I had to go to two different gas stations on my way home to find a gas station with, you know, actual gas.

I have never, ever, ever in my entire life been to a gas station with no gas to sell me.

I found it very unsettling.

Can We Come Up with a Different Term?

Calling the near-complete meltdown this morning on Wall Street a consequence of the “unregulated” market seems to me to be, at the least, problematic.  We don’t have a completely unregulated market, as proved by the Feds stepping in to bail out Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

If the market is free, then we have to allow corporations to fail and fail spectacularly, it seems to me, or else the whole promise of self-regulation never happens.

And, if we cannot have actual free markets, because of the enormous risks to us all inherent in leaving things regulated in such a half-assed manner, then let’s just acknowledge that and stop talking about things being “unregulated.”

They are regulated.  They are just regulated poorly.  And they are regulated poorly deliberately, because that’s how the corporate class wants it.  They want to be free to succede without government intervention and without having to pay their fair share in taxes.  But oh boy when they fail do they want that same government to step in and bail them out.

True Blood

Is anyone watching this?  I can’t decide whether it’s very good or not.  On the one hand, I just did not buy that Sookie would instantly fall in love with Bill across a crowded bar and I think I’m getting too old for unrequited love, because I find the whole “will they or won’t they” stuff to be ridiculous.

But I do find myself at the end of every episode wishing it were about fifteen minutes longer.

Have I Turned the Corner?

This cold kicked my ass, but I just now almost threw up.  I could not be more thrilled, because I am certain that, if I finally can throw up, I will feel worlds better.  I’m happy to finally feel like an end is in sight.